Discover the 25 best and most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava

Beaches of the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava, has been a popular holiday destination for young and old since time immemorial! With a 200 kilometer long coastline, pearly white beaches, a beautiful nature, culture & history, endless fun activities to undertake and a wonderful Mediterranean climate, this is not very strange either. Although the Costa Brava attracts different target groups thanks to its rich variety, it is mainly visited by sun, sea and beach lovers. Thanks one breathtaking location on the rocky coast the Costa Brava knows not only beautiful long, wide and pearly white sandy beaches, but also a number of fantastic small rocky bays.

If you want to know everything about the beaches of the Costa Brava, read on! You will find below everything you need to know about these breathtaking beaches of the Costa Brava, as well as an overview of the 25 most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava:

The breathtaking Spanish Costa Brava

Beaches of the Costa Brava - Platja Treumal in Blanes

The Costa Brava is a whopping 200 kilometers of coastline on the Mediterranean in the community of Catalonia. The Costa Brava starts in the northeast of Spain, at the French border, at Portbou and continues all the way to Blanes. Costa Brava literally means: rough and wild coast. This name owes it to her beautiful rocky coastline with its many irregular rocks and bays. It is therefore not surprising that when they hear the name Costa Brava, many people think of sun, sea, beach and endless entertainment options. After all, that is an established fact!

The Costa Brava has a beautiful diversity of beaches: van beautiful intimate bays to large family beaches and from small pebbles to fine sand, there is simply something for everyone. This means that in the Costa Brava there is a perfect place for the towel for every type of beach goer. Because whether you want to enjoy a day snorkeling, water sports or just want to enjoy the sun in peace, everything is possible. Add another one to that pleasant climate and sea water temperature of 25 degrees in the summer months and the picture for the ultimate beach vacation is complete!

However, the Costa Brava also has a completely different side, one that many people do not know. One side consisting of one wonderful history, culture, picturesque coastal towns and breathtaking nature. And although the Costa Brava is mainly known for its tourist attractions, which are also beautiful, it can also be fun to get to know the other side of this beautiful coastal area. In this blog, however, I am going to take you along the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava through a Top 25!

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Discover the Top 25 beaches of the Costa Brava

Panoramic view of the castle of Tossa de Mar

1.    Begur - Sa Tuna

This beautiful pebble beach is located one of the most picturesque bays on the Costa Brava, near the town of Begur. To reach this idyllic beach, you have to take a winding road from Begur. Sa Tuna is surrounded by quaint white houses, large, green pine trees and wonderfully clear and calm water. The beach is about 80 feet long and 15 feet wide and features the main facilities as toilets, showers and parking places. Near the beach you will also find some restaurants for lunch and dinner. If you want to enjoy a nice and quiet day at the beach without too many tourists around you, then you should definitely spend a day at Sa Tuna!

2. Begur - Aiguablava

Beaches of the Costa Brava - Aiguablava

In the picturesque town of Begur you will also find the beautiful, family-friendly beach called Aiguablava. In Catalan this simply means blue water; and that is exactly what this heavenly beach is known for. The calm and shallow sea water has a beautiful crystal blue color which contrasts sublime with the fine, white sand and green of the pine trees. The beach is about 80 meters long and 40 meters wide and features various facilities. There are toilets, showers, water sports facilities, but also shops and restaurants in the area. Aiguablava is one paradise beach of breathtaking beauty.

3. Blanes - Cala Treumal

Between Lloret de Mar and Blanes lies this small 400 meters long, between pine trees and rocks bay with crystal clear water. Cala Treumal is located in the protected natural area, Pinya de Rosa, where you will find a botanical garden full of cacti. You simply feel completely at one with nature here, as if you have stepped into another world.

The beautiful clear sea water also offers ideal opportunities for snorkelling or swimming with the family. The sea here is calm and shallow and the beach is sheltered from the wind, and the underwater flora & fauna is phenomenal. Of course the beach also has facilities such as showers, sunbeds, umbrellas and there is one beach tent with breathtaking views of the bay!

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4. Blanes - Platja de Sant Francesc

Beaches of the Costa Brava - Platja de Sant Francesc

At about 2km from the center of Blanes, you will find Platja de Sant Fransesc, one of the most beautiful bays of the whole Costa Brava. This little paradise is also popularly called "Cala Bona", which literally means "beautiful bay". This beautiful 220 meters long and 35 meters wide beach is characterized by one calm and crystal clear sea.

Thanks to the surrounding rocks, far from the artificial buildings and near the botanical garden Marimurtra, the bay is surrounded by pine trees sheltered from the wind. The most important facilities such as showers, sunbeds, pedal boats, parking and a restaurant are also available. If you want to get away from the crowds for a while this is the one ideal place for swimming and relaxing in Blanes.

5. Blanes - Cala Punta Santa Ana

Directly behind the harbor of Blanes, at the foot of the monastery and Punta de Santa Ana, you will find the Santa Anna beach. This quiet and small beach, of white sand and pebbles, is less than 100 meters long and because of her crystal clear waters and rich underwater flora and fauna perfect for diving or snorkeling. Despite the fact that the beach is so small, it does have sanitary facilities and a lifeguard post. However, it is advisable, if you want to enjoy a long day at the beach, to bring your own food and drink. During your holiday in Blanes is a visit to this lovely beach highly recommended!

6. Blanes - Cala Senyor Ramón

Beaches of the Costa Brava - Cala Senyor Ramón

This breathtaking beach really is one perfect example of the rough Costa Brava. This 800 meter long beach, with clear azure water, is located in a small bay against a mountain. The beach is surrounded by everything that breathes nature and two large rocks provide the necessary privacy! You really feel like you are here on one uninhabited island. Despite the fact that this beach is somewhat remote, it is still easily accessible, and it is all necessary facilities available. Ideal for enjoying an ultimate day at the beach!

7. Calella de Palafrugell - Cala Sant Roc

This beautiful little bay called Cala Sant Roc (Els Canyers in Catalan) is located in the charming seaside town of Calella de Palafrugell. The sea water here is clean and crystal clear, making it a perfect location to go snorkeling. This beach is only 40 meters long and is surrounded by large rocks. To get there you have to go down a large round staircase, from here you have one exceptional views over the breathtaking bay of Calella. The beach can be reached on foot, by car or by boat and is equipped with toilets, showers, a bar and there are some restaurants on the nearby boulevard.

8. Calella de PalafrugellEl Canadell

Beaches of the Costa Brava - El Canadell

Not too far from the center of Calella, you will find the 200 meters long and 30 meters wide beach El Canadell. Located in an idyllic setting with picturesque fisherman's houses, this is for many one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava. In the summer months, however, this is also a tourist hotspot, so you cannot enjoy the beauty here in peace and space. However, this means the beach has a wide range of facilities as various water sports activities, showers, toilets and a bar. Because of the beach right on the boulevard there is also a wide range of restaurants where you can enjoy the best authentic Spanish meals!

9. Cap de Creus - Cala Montjoi

Another beautiful beach that you can only get to with some effort! Cala Montjoi is a 310 meter long sand / pebble beach in the beautiful Cap de Creus Natural Park. The beach is located in an area that is almost untouched by tourism and the human hand. So you will have to do a bit hiking through Cap de Creus to behold this paradise! But once you get there, its beauty will blow your mind! On the beach itself are the necessary facilities available. There is a diving school, various restaurants, sunbeds and you can take a shower.

Beaches of the Costa Brava - Cala Montjoi

10. Empuriabrava

This beautiful large beach, with a length of 1575 meters and width of 90 meters, features all the facilities you could wish for. For years the Blue Flag recognition proudly and in all its vehemence on this beach. Because in addition to exceptional beauty, there is generally also a fairly strong wind! From the beach you can enjoy a beautiful view of the bay of Roses and the Cap de Creus nature park. If you are on the beach of Empurariabrava, take a look in the city itself and discover what it is also known as the Venice of Spain!

11. L'Estartit - La Pletera

This hidden Pearl of L'Estartit is located in the Ter Vell Nature Reserve. The beach is not easy to reach, but because of this it remains untouched by mass tourism. The crystal clear water, the healthy air and natural beauty of this beach are sure to blow your mind! Besides swimming, you can also enjoy excellent swimming here snorkeling and (kite) surfing! This fantastic beach is also part of a program to restore the natural heritage and protect the environment. Do you really want to enjoy a carefree day at the beach, then this beach is a real must-go!

12. LlaFranc - Platja de LlaFranc

This beautiful beach, located in one breathtaking nature and with calm, clear turquoise sea, has been awarded the prestigious since dawn Blue Flag nomination. However, the beach is not large and therefore it can get very busy, especially in high season. However, there are various facilities available such as beach beds, water sports activities, lifeguards, toilets, showers and restaurants. It is also beautiful from this beach de on foot inaccessible coastline north of Llafranc to discover. Several organized departures from this beach boat trips after this part, or you can rent a canoe on the beach yourself!

 13. Lloret de Mar -  Cala Boadella

Beaches of the Costa Brava - Cala Montjoi

South of the center of Lloret de Mar, near the Santa Clotilde Gardens, you will find the rustic 250 meter long sandy beach Cala Boadella. With crystal clear waters, fine golden sand shielded from the wind by the cliff and lush foliage, this might be one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Costa Brava. It is not without reason that this beach has been awarded a well-deserved Blue Flag. As the beach is isolated from the city, by a thick pine forest, it is not very visited by tourists. To get there you have to follow a narrow and steep path of 200 meters before you reach this heavenly paradise.

14. Lloret de Mar - Santa Cristina

Just 3 km south of Lloret de Mar, at the end of a narrow path that meanders between the pine trees, you will find it with blue flag award-winning Santa Cristina. This lovely beach, with 500 meters of fine soft sand and shallow to a few tens of meters in the sea, is very popular with families with young children and thanks to her beautiful underwater flora and fauna also ideal for people who want to snorkel. Because the beach is located in a cliff and is surrounded by forests, it is protected from the wind and waves. This ensures that the sea here is generally calm.

Santa Cristina is less busy in high season than the other beaches in Lloret de Mar. However, there are plenty of amenities available for the vacationers. So you can use this showers, there is a sun lounger and umbrella rental as well as a small beach bar. Finally, this beautiful sandy beach, thanks to her beautiful underwater flora and fauna also ideal for people who want to snorkeling and diving.

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 15. Lloret de Mar - Sa Caleta

Castle in Lloret de Mar - Castel d'en Platja
Castel d'en Platja - Breathtaking castle in Lloret de Mar

 Right next to Playa de Lloret, at the north end, you will find the small bay of Sa Caleta. This picturesque bay full of fishing boats in the sand, is about 110 meters long and 15 meters wide. Here you can enjoy the finest sand in a fantastic natural environment. Sa Caleta is located at the bottom of a hill where there is also the majestic Castell d'en Plaja. Despite the beautiful castle being built in 1930-1940, you still imagine yourself back in the Middle Ages. The rocky surroundings of this breathtaking little beach make it in combination with it clear turquoise water and the beautiful underwater flora and fauna also an excellent place for snorkeling or diving.

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16. Palamos - Cala de la Fosca

Close to Palamós is the beach Cala de la Fosca. This golden sandy beach, which is divided into two parts by a rock, is located in a beautiful sheltered bay. You will find on either side of this rock the old castle San Esteve de Mar and viewpoint Mirador del Cap Gros. On this lovely beach you can not only enjoy the azure blue water, the sun and the beach, but also sightsee and admire the breathtaking surroundings. Do you prefer to be active? Then go snorkeling, sailing or windsurfing. Because this beach slopes gently, it is also ideal for families with young children who want to play in the surf of the sea!

17. Platja d'Aro - Cala Rovira

Beaches of the Costa Brava - Cala Rovira

Cala Rovira is an excellent choice if you want to escape the tourist crowds. You do have to put in a little effort to get this one though hidden gem to discover, this beautiful beach can only be reached on foot via the historic Camínos de Ronda coastal path. However, the ultimate combination of white sand, green nature, and clear blue water will make your hike more than worth it. The beach is no less than 650 meters long and 40 wide, so there is more than enough space for you and the many other explorers who visit the beach. The many facilities also ensure that you can spend a fun and relaxing day at the beach.

18. Platja d'Aro - Sa Cova

This beautiful bay is located near the beach Cala Rovira, and can also be reached via this beautiful beach. To the left on the beach of Cala Rovira you will see a staircase and path leading over the cliff to this small idyllic sandy beach. So you can easily combine a day on these beaches. Another additional advantage is that if the waves on one beach are too high for the children to swim, there is a good chance that this is not the case on the other beach. Like Cala Rovira, Sa Cova also enjoys a breathtaking and idyllic location, but just on a smaller scale.

19. Platja d'Aro - Cala del Pi

This may be the most paradisiacal beach in Platja d'Aro. You will find a wonderfully fine, gold-colored 65 meters long and 15 meters wide sandy beach. This little bay is located at the most northern tip of Platja d 'Aro, hidden between the greenery and the rocky environment, and there is even a small rocky island on the right where you can swim to. The bright turquoise water and the rich underwater flora and fauna make it a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. You won't find beach bars or other facilities here, but the breathtaking beauty from this beach you will soon forget that!

20. S'Alguer - Platja de Castell

This small, unspoilt beach is located in S'Alguer, north of the resort of Paloma and is the perfect place for everyone who loves sun, sea, beach and tranquility. The only form of outdoor entertainment you can find here is a boathouse which is transformed into a local beach bar in the summer months. This beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by pine trees and rocks, is also due to the shallow water ideal for families with children. If you want to be at one with nature for a day, then a visit to Platja de Castell is definitely worth it!

21. Sant Feliu de Guïxols - Sant Pol

Beaches of the Costa Brava - Sant Pol

This beautiful 1 kilometer long and 25 meter wide beach is located in a picturesque bay on the outskirts of Sant Feliu de Guïxols. On this beautiful clean beach you will find a range of houses with a special one  early 19th-century architecture. South of the beach you will find a breathtaking natural environment with beautiful dune landscape, rugged rocks and rough coves, typical of the beaches of the Costa Brava.

You will also find there plenty of facilities, as a beautiful promenade with bars and restaurant, sunbeds, showers and various water sports options This beautiful bay is, thanks to the shallow water, a playground for children in the Parque de las Dunas and a Kids Club during the summer months summer season also perfect for families with children.

22. Tossa de Mar - Platja Gran

Platja Gran, in the center of Tossa de Mar, is 400 meters long main and largest beach in the city. Tossa de Mar's main beach has been awarded a blue flag nomination and is known for its unique landscape! On one side you will find azure blue areas of the Mediterranean Sea and on the other side the ocher-colored ramparts and narrow streets of the famous Vila Vella (old town). It is not without reason that this beautiful beach was ranked by National Geographic as one of the 25 best beaches in the world!

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Beaches of the Costa Brava - Platja Gran

23. Tossa de Mar - Cala Giverola

This heavenly sandy beach, north of Tossa de Mar, is undoubtedly Tossa de Mar's best-loved beach for families. For example, the beach is about 170 meters long and has a width that varies between 15 and 50 meters. You enjoy it here an exceptional sheltered location between the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean and the rocky hills covered with pine trees. There are also numerous amenities and facilities available on the beautiful beach. So, thanks to the presence of a hotel complex next to it, you can enjoy various water sports activities and the depth of the sea also makes it an ideal place for snorkeling and diving.

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24. Tossa de Mar - Es Codolar

Nestled among cliffs, fortified walls and rocks, vacationers can enjoy this to the fullest small idyllic beach bay! You can swim in a beautiful, natural and historic environment! The beach is just a few minutes walk from Tossa de Mar's “Vila Vella”. During the high season, the beach also offers a small number of facilities for the comfort and entertainment of the tourists. In conclusion, this is wonderful beach of Tossa de Mar too ideal for snorkeling! The surrounding rock pools are full of fish and seaweed for you to observe. Keep in mind, especially with children, that it the water gets quickly deep .

25. Tamariu - Aigua Xelida

Beaches of the Costa Brava - Aigua Xelida

Are you looking for a little adventure and a true fan of remote and difficult to reach beaches? You know, those breathtaking beaches, with beautiful clear water and an unprecedented natural beauty? Then the 180 meter long and 40 meter wide beach Aigua Xelida is definitely for you the place to be. You can reach this small bay by foot via the nearby town of Tamariu. Once you get there you really find yourself in total seclusion in your own natural paradise. This also makes Aigua Xelida one super romantic place is to go with your loved one.

Discover the most beautiful beaches of the Costra Brava along the Caminos de Ronda

A 583 km long old smuggling route runs all the way from the French border to Blanes. This historic hiking trail becomes the Caminos de Ronda called, which means letter bypass. For example, you can use this path walking from Tossa de Mar to Lloret de Mar, from Lloret de Mar to Blas, from San Feliu de Guixols to S'Agaro or from Platja D'Aro to Palamos. During these tours you will walk along the breathtaking coastline of the Costa Brava and you will find many hidden beaches and coves.

So do you want to enjoy the breathtaking nature of the Costa Brava, be active, and end your day or one of the many beaches of the Costa Brava? Then make an unforgettable walk across the Caminos de Ronda and get to places you couldn't imagine exist! And the view that you enjoy during your walk is truly phenomenal!

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Can you choose from these beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava?

Things to do in Lloret de Mar - Santa Cristina beach
Santa Cristina - named by many as the most beautiful beach in Lloret

The Costa Brava is simply a dream for every beach lover! Whether you like great beaches full of action and entertainment, or prefer the shelter of a hidden bay, the Costa Brava has it all. The big question that now arises, which of them the beaches of the Costa Brava suits you best? And the beach is all that matters your dream vacation, or should the rest also fall within the picture? The Costa Brava is not all sun, sea and sand!

This beautiful region has so much more to offer holidaymakers! Every place on the Costa Brava has its own paradisiacal beaches, history, culture, nature and activities. The one just a little more than the other! Do you want to know more about the Costa Brava to experience your ultimate beach holiday like: where to go out, the beautiful villas and holiday houses, the most beautiful sights, the nicest markets, read on under the links!  


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