The 5 boroughs of Lloret de Mar: All amenities and the best information can be found here!

Lloret de Mar has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain for years. The once small fishing village, with a pleasant historic center, has grown into a large fashionable seaside resort. Today, both in and around the historic city center you will find different, beautiful tourist districts, full of them hotels, apartments, campsites, holiday homes and luxury villas, where both local residents and thousands of tourists can indulge themselves every year. However, all districts of Lloret de Mar have their own activities, ambiance and appeal.

Because all the districts of Lloret de Mar have something unique to offer, it is important to know what exactly you can expect from the part of Lloret where you spend your holiday. This way, for example, you avoid being among the partying crowd with your children, but you also know exactly which facilities and amenities are nearby! In this blog I have the main districts of Lloret de Mar listed for you, with information about accessibility, facilities and atmosphere. This way you can easily determine which of the districts of Lloret de Mar suits you and your travel group best!

Lloret center: the heart of Lloret de Mar 

districts of Lloret de Mar

Of course we have to start our tour of the main areas of Lloret de Mar in the heart, or while the center of Lloret de Mar! Lloret town center is close to Lloret de Mar's main beach, Platja de Lloret. From the center of Llotret de Mar Mar you also have good connections to many activities, nightlife, the see sights and other parts of Lloret de Mar. The central location is convenient and makes the bustling city center of Lloret de Mar a popular location for holidaymakers, please note that it is also a wahalla for partygoers. The prices of hotels and apartments in the high season can therefore also rise considerably.

In the city center of Lloret de Mar you will find many cafes and restaurants, discotheques and stores. The perfect place for extensive shopping, good food and exploring the vibrant nightlife. You will also find the tourist information point, tour operators and rental companies for example bicycles, trips and boat trips.

Lloret center can get quite busy, especially in high season. This can lead to noise pollution and limited space. After all, you are in the middle of the liveliest part of Lloret. If you want more peace, space and privacy, then you better look for a holiday home in one of the other parts of Lloret de Mar.

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Lloret Riera: for a vibrant nightlife 

The La Riera district is located just east of the center of Lloret de Mar. It is, next to the center, one of the liveliest areas of Lloret de Mar, especially at night. You will find Carrer de la Riera along the main street numerous nice bars and nightclubs. The area is popular for young people and couples, but less suitable for families. Some of the hotels in Lloret Riera are even specifically for adults (Adult-Only).

From Riera you can go to the center and Platja de Lloret walk and there are good public transport options to other parts of the city. It is therefore a good base for the Costa Brava, to explore, even without a car. You will of course also find a number of small and medium-sized supermarkets for your groceries and many nice restaurants and eateries.

Lloret Fenals: hip and relaxed

Lloret Fenals is located west of Lloret de Mar's city center. This district of Lloret de Mar owes its name the beautiful beach Platja de Fenals. This is a popular beach among many holidaymakers in Lloret, however, especially couples and families, as it is generally a bit quieter than Platja de Lloret, which is located in the center. Obviously, the beach features all necessary facilities, such as sanitation, beach bars, sun loungers and various water sports activities.

As a neighborhood, Fenals is a lot quieter and less touristy than the center of Lloret de Mar. In addition to hotels and apartments, you will also find luxury villas and holiday homes here. This makes Fenals the ideal district for families or groups of friends who don't want to party around the clock. Still, you don't have to get bored there. There are a number of nice restaurants and bars, souvenir shops, surf shops and supermarkets. With public transport you can easily reach the rest of Lloret de Mar and all the sights from Fenals.

Lloret Rosamar: a luxury paradise 

Enjoy a beautiful view of Castell d'en Plaja

The Rosamar district is located on the west side of the center. Here you will find a number of luxury spa hotels and apartment complexes. Rosamar is a good location for vacationers who enjoy the good life.

In terms of nightlife, the district has less to offer, but you can easily reach the bustling center on foot. The location on the west side of Lloret de Mar offers peace and beautiful views for example Castell d'en Plaja. Both Platja de Lloret and the small bay Cala Sa Caleta are within walking distance.

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Barri del Pescadors: peace and space

bars, cafes and bars in Lloret - Bodega
Barri del Pescadors: one of the districts of Lloret de Mar where you can enjoy peace and space!

Barri del Pescadors is located north of Rosamar and just outside the busy center of Lloret de Mar. It is a bit more residential than the other parts of Lloret de Mar that we have discussed here. The district is more spacious and has many holiday homes and apartments for rent in addition to hotels. 

There is a small supermarket and a single bar in Barri del Pescadors, but luckily the real one is entertainment from the center of Lloret de Mar at a short distance. Its location, just outside the center, makes Barri del Pescadors ideal for vacationers who peace, space and privacy want, but still not want to be too far from the pleasure of Lloret. A nice additional fact is that the prices in this part are also slightly lower!

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Urbanisations in the hills of Lloret de Mar!

Are you looking for a wonderful relaxing holiday, where you can enjoy peace, space and luxury, then a stay in one of the urbanisations (neighborhoods) in the rolling hills of Lloret de Mar is really something for you! In these districts of Lloret de Mar you will mainly find beautiful, fully equipped, holiday houses and villas with private pool, beautiful outdoor areas, BBQ and views of the rolling hills and the Mediterranean. You are a little further from the bustling center of Lloret de Mar, but with a short car ride, taxi or the public transport you will be there in no time! Below you will find the largest urbanisations of Lloret de Mar:

Serra Brava

Serra Brava is a relatively large urbanization, located between Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar and a short distance from the sea. The nearest beach is Cala Canyelles. You mainly find here holiday houses and villas with, thanks to its location at an altitude of 200-300 meters, a beautiful sea view!

Condado del Jaruco

Fenals beach in Lloret de Mar
Fenals Beach!

Condado del Jaruco is one of the older urbanisations of Lloret de Mar, and is located on a hill near Fenals. This very beautiful urbanization, located on a hill, with beautiful holiday villas, is a short distance from the beach and the restaurants from both Lloret de Mar center and Lloret de Mar Fenals!

La Montgoda

Between the beach of Canyelles and Castell d'en Playa (on the outskirts of Lloret de Mar center), you will find the beautiful green urbanization Montgoda! Thanks to its ideal location, you can be in Lloret de Mar center in no time, but above all you can enjoy peace, space and nature! Ideal for couples and families with children!

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Rocca Grossa

Roca Grossa in located in the hills between Lloret de Mar and Tossa Mar. Thanks to its elevated position, you can enjoy peace, space and a beautiful view here. At the beginning of the residential area you will find a large supermarket, and you can easily reach the center and the sandy beach of Lloret.

Cala Canyelles

Enjoy the beautiful beach Calla Canyelles

Located in between Lloret de Mar and Tossa Mar you will find the urbanization Canyelles. As the name suggests, you are close to the breathtaking beach Cala Canyelles. As in all urbanisations in Lloret de Mar you will also find it here luxury villas with private pool and sea views! However, from this urbanization you also have all amenities such as shops, restaurants and the beach a stone's throw away!

Font de Sant Llorenc

This urbanization is also on the coast road from Tossa de Mar to Lloret de Mar, just behind Cala Canyelles. You will find beautiful holiday homes with views of the rolling hills and the sea. In addition to peace and quiet, you also enjoy easy access to the beach and the bustling center of Lloret de Mar!

Which of the districts of Lloret de Mar suits you best?

Lloret de Mar beach
Are you going for the bustling center, or would you prefer a little more peace, space and privacy?

Now that we have introduced you to the main urbanizations and areas of Lloret de Mar, you will probably have a better idea of how the city works. Book a holiday home the bustling center, the trendy Fenals, the luxurious Rosamar or do you prefer a rustic urbanization in the rolling hills? The choice is yours! Each district has its own character and offers other benefits. So you can decide for yourself which of the districts of Lloret de Mar best suits your holiday style.


You now know everything about the districts of Lloret de Mar! This will hopefully help you choose which part of Lloret de Mar best suits your needs, but also which accommodation best suits your needs. However, if you want to know more about this, it is definitely recommended to check out the blog rent your perfect holiday home or villa in 10 simple steps to read! Here you will find everything you need to know when you want to rent a villa in Lloret de Mar!

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