Climate in Lloret de Mar: Mild Winters and Warm Summers

Lloret de Mar, located on the breathtaking Spanish Costa Brava, has a delicious Mediterranean seaclimate that is characterized by warm summers, pleasant temperatures during the early and late season, and mild winters. For example, the average temperature in the summer months is around 28/29 degrees, in the winter months between 8 and 14 degrees and 20+ is quickly reached in the early / late season. So it is never really winter cold in Lloret de Mar. You can enjoy this all year round, depending on your wishes a wonderful relaxing holiday by the sea!

If you are busy planning a holiday to Lloret de Mar, or are you still orientating, but you do not know exactly which period best suits your wishes in terms of temperatures, please read on. Below I will tell you everything about the beautiful climate in Lloret de Mar, together with a overview of the best activities per season! Lloret really has something for everyone!

The Mediterranean climate

The azure waters of the Mediterranean!

The bustling resort of Lloret de Mar is located in the northeast of Spain, on the Costa Brava,, right on the Mediterranean Sea and therefore has the so-called Mediterranean climate, also called Mediterranean climate. Thanks to this formidable location, the city enjoys pleasant temperatures all year round and, above all, a lot of sunshine. With more than 3000 hours of sunshine annually, and beautiful beaches, Lloret de Mar is therefore the ideal place to visit your ultimate sun, sea and beach holiday to spend.

In general, the Mediterranean climate is characterized by the hot and dry in summer with an average monthly rainfall of less than 30 mm and an average maximum temperature of 29 degrees. The winters, on the other hand, are generally mild, with an average maximum temperature of 13 degrees, but there is about three times as much rainfall per month in this period as in the driest summer month. The sea water in Lloret de Mar is pleasant all year round, even in winter it is still 13 degrees! But of course the summer months, with an average temperature of 23 to 25 degrees, are the crowning glory here too!

In addition to wonderful temperatures, the Mediterranean climate, due to the many hours of sunshine and great variation in rainfall, also provides beautiful vegetation, think of the many pine, olive and palm trees, but also oak corks and cactus species can survive fine here. It is not without reason that you cannot enjoy beautiful in the surroundings of Lloret de Mar Botanic Gardens find! This in combination with the wild and rugged coastline and mountains, but Lloret de Mar also a dream for nature lovers, hikers, mountain bikers or thrillseekers on a Quad want to explore that environment!

Thanks to the climate in Lloret de Mar, ultimate enjoyment all year round!

Climate in Lloret de Mar - Graph
Climate in Lloret de Mar : annual review

The wonderful climate in Lloret de Mar ensures that you can enjoy it all year round a well deserved vacation. However, it is not the case that you can just lay your towel on the beach here in the middle of winter! The average maximum day temperature is then 13 degrees and the night temperature here drops considerably, in extreme cases even below freezing. In the spring and autumn, the temperatures are already a lot more pleasant, and it may even happen that you can experience a few wonderful days on the beach. However, this can never be said with certainty! If you want beach security, go in the summer months after Lloret!

The advantage, however, is that in Lloret de Mar you can do and experience so much more than just hanging out on the beach! Lots of these attractions and activities are even in the summer months too hot or too busy to do, and just ask to be visited in the winter, early or late season! If you book a holiday to a destination that is as versatile as Lloret de Mar, then it is recommended to carefully consider what exactly you want to do during your holiday.

To make it all a little easier for you, I have listed below all climate seasons of Lloret de Mar at a glance set, provided with the temperatures, rainfall, hours of sunshine and of course the best activities during this season!

Climate in Lloret de Mar: Winter

Climate in Lloret de Mar - Winter
Climate in Lloret de Mar : winter months

The average maximum daytime temperature in Lloret de Mar it is 13 ° C in the winter months, with a chance of a few rain showers. However, the average night temperature quickly reaches between 2 ° C and 4 ° C. However, if you compare this with the temperatures that we are used to, then this is still great for wintering!

Because the temperature here during the day is quite pleasant, and the regularity is not too high, this offers many opportunities to do things during your holiday in Lloret de Mar. So if you are not just looking for sun, sea and sand, this might be something for you:

Climate in Lloret de Mar: Spring

Climate in Lloret de Mar : preseason

The “cold” winter months are over and the temperatures, also at night, are starting to rise again. In May it is with one average daily temperature of 20 degrees lovely stay in Lloret de Mar. There are even days when you can stretch out your towel at the beach! The best thing about spring, however, is that everything is back in bloom! If you think the sea is beautiful, but you are not the type that just wants to sunbathe all day, then it is highly recommended to visit Lloret in the spring!

Below you will find the best activities you can do in the spring in Lloret Mar:

Climate in Lloret de Mar: Summer

Climate in Lloret de Mar : summer months

Although the weather is nice and warm and very sunny on many days in the summer, there is also a (spicy), but generally short, rain or thunderstorm from time to time. Bad weather for days on end in Lloret de Mar rarely or never occurs in summer. In the summer you can therefore enjoy wonderful long days without any problems one of the 8 beaches in Lloret or to it private pool of your holiday home!

Due to temperatures that quickly rise to at the hottest time of the day, between 13:00 and 15:00 above 30 degrees a day of relaxation quickly becomes something you do. In the nights it does not get colder than 15 to 17 degrees! However, below you will find more fun activities you can do in the summer in Lloret Mar:

Climate in Lloret de Mar: Autumn

Climate in Lloret de Mar : Late season

Autumn in Lloret de Mar is not as we know it. The temperatures are still here at this time of the year very very pleasant, especially in September and October. This also applies to the seawater! At this time of the year, you can even find it so that everything Lloret de Mar has to offer is available to you! During the sunny days you can go to the beach, and during the lesser days you can participate in the endless activities! It doesn't get any better than that, can it? Hmm, right!

What if I told you that you are at this time of the year too very cheap on holiday can go to Lloret de Mar! I would say, book your trip to Lloret de Mar today and think about which of these activities you want to experience:


You now know everything about the climate in Lloret de Mar, but also what you can experience during the four seasons! In addition to the climate in Lloret de Mar, do you want to know more about how you can experience the ultimate holiday in Lloret de Mar? Then also read: 21 Tips for a TOP Holiday in Lloret de Mar!

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