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Costa Brava Vacation

The Costa Brava has been one since daybreak beloved holiday destination for young and old! Pearl white beaches, beautiful nature, culture & history and endless fun activities to undertake. Add to that a beautiful climate, beautiful accommodations and excellent accessibility Add to that, and it is immediately clear what makes the Costa Brava so special!

Would you like to know what you can and should expect during your Costa Brava holiday, read on. Here you will get an insight into the most beautiful places, beaches, sights, activities, entertainment and accommodations! Simply everything you need to know for an unforgettable Costa Brava holiday!

Costa Brava Vacation - General

The Costa Brava is a whopping 200 kilometers of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea in the community of Catalonia. The Costa Brava starts in northeastern Spain, on the French border, near Portbou and continues all the way to Blanes. Costa Brava literally means: rugged and wild coast. It owes this name to her beautiful rocky coastline with its many irregular rocks and bays. It is therefore not surprising that many people like them by name Costa Brava, think of sun, sea, beach and endless entertainment options. After all, that is an established fact!

However, the Costa Brava also has a completely different side, one that many people do not know. A side consisting of a beautiful history, culture, picturesque coastal towns and breathtaking nature. And although the Costa Brava is mainly known for its tourist attractions, which are also beautiful, it can also be fun to get to know the other side of this beautiful coastal area.

Do you choose one Costa Brava vacation go beyond the Clichés and discover the unparalleled beauty of this beautiful area! Because whether you are looking after a beach, family, culture, nature or party holiday, the Costa Brava has it all!

The 8 most beautiful coastal towns of the Costa Brava

Panoramic view of the bay of Tossa de Mar

Thanks to its idyllic location, the Costa Brava has coastal towns that seem to have come out of a fairytale book. Thanks to the picturesque houses located on a hill in a wooded nature and on the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you imagine yourself in a true paradise. Unfortunately, however, some of these coastal towns have a negative reputation for mass tourism and wild nightlife. If you look further than your nose here too, you will discover that here too there is so much more than that.

Discover the beauty of the Costa Brava with an “open mind” and experience a Costa Brava holiday like never before in the picturesque: Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Empuriabrava, L'Estartit, Palamós, Playa de Aro and Roses .

1. Lloret de Mar

You will experience the ultimate Costa Brava holiday in Lloret de Mar!

Lloret is, thanks to her beautiful sandy beaches, countless activities and vibrant nightlife, one of the most popular seaside resorts in Europe. Attracts annually Lloret de Mar more than 1 million visitors who are looking for the ultimate Costa Brava vacation! However, when they hear the name Lloret de Mar, many people immediately think of partying and drunken tourists. However, Lloret de Mar is one such seaside town that has a lot more to offer if you look beyond its reputation! Don't get it wrong, because of course Lloret is too a mecca for partygoers! However, this mainly takes place in the bustling center of Lloret de Mar.

You will find so much more outside the center of Lloret de Mar! Gorgeous see sights, hidden and picturesque beaches, unprecedented natural beauty and wonderful relaxing activities! The ideal thing about Lloret de Mar is that you can enjoy peace, space and freedom, and can look up the hustle and bustle whenever you want. You just have to know how best to do this, and you will without a doubt experience the most beautiful and most complete holiday of your life!

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2. Blanes

Blanes is a wonderful holiday destination, south of bustling Lloret de Mar, in the most southern tip of the Costa Brava. Blanes has traditionally been a Catholic fishing village which has grown over the years into a modern, dynamic seaside resort, with a small historic district. There is plenty to do in Blanes and the surrounding area for both families and groups of friends. In addition to sun, sea and beach, you can enjoy the beautiful nature, various bars, clubs & restaurants, impressive monuments and sights, the water park, an afternoon of karting or a visit to Marineland.

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3. Tossa de Mar

North of Lloret de Mar, the cozy en family-friendly seaside resort Tossa de Mar. Tossa de Mar, also called the pearl of the Costa Brava, is seen by many asone of the most beautiful and historic coastal towns of the Costa Brava,. Wonderful beaches, pleasant temperatures, fun activities, cozy restaurants and a beautiful historic center make Tossa de Mar a perfect place for an ultimate family vacation or fun day trip. Do you want to go out? Keep in mind that for an evening you have to be in the adjacent Lloret de Mar!

Do you want to know more about Tossa de Mar? Read also: “Things to do in Tossa de Mar”!

4. Empuriabrava

Empuriabrava is a beautiful tourist resort and is also called the 'Venice of Catalonia' mentioned. Many of the houses are surrounded by 25 kilometers of canals & canals and it has one of the largest ports of the world. During your Costa Brava holiday, this beautiful place is definitely worth it!

5. L'Estartit

L'Estartit is a pleasant coastal town with a wonderful wide sandy beach, cozy restaurants and cafes, some beautiful discos and a rich history. The greatest treasure of L'Estartit, and perhaps the entire Costa Brava, is located 1 kilometer off the coast; it divers paradise the Medes islands (Islas Medas or the Medas Isles). During your Costa Brava holiday it is definitely recommended to book excursions after these beautiful islands.

6. Palamós

Palamós is a renowned and very peaceful fishing village, ideal for a wonderful relaxing family vacation. The port is still very important and they have one of the largest fishing fleets on the Costa Brava. In the center and on the boulevard you will find many nice shops, restaurants and some discotheques. On the boulevard you will also find a large wide beach, het Platja Gran de Palamos.

7. Playa d'Aro

This tourist resort is one of the most visited coastal towns on the Costa Brava, next to Lloret de Mar. A beautiful wide sandy beach, a vibrant nightlife, a lively boulevard and countless activities contribute to this. This also applies to Playa d'Aro a vibrant center full of tourists has a beautiful environment, full of wild coasts and green hills. However, if you want a little more, Lloret de Mar is only half an hour away!

8. Roses

Roses is a beautiful destination for eand wonderful beach holiday on the Costa Brava. There is a lovely boulevard, there are various shops, traditional restaurants, nice sights and a number of clubs / discotheques. However, Roses is basically a fairly quiet town, which makes it mainly suitable for tourists who are looking for peace, space and relaxation.

The 10 most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava

Costa Brava Vacations - Aiguablava
Costa Brava Vacations - Aiguablava

Such an abundance of picturesque coastal towns also includes beautiful beaches! Thanks to one breathtaking location on the rocky coast, the Costa Brava has not only beautiful long, wide and pearly white sandy beaches, but also some fantastic small rocky bays. Some even awarded the Blue Flag! Below you will find an overview of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava:

1. Aiguablava

In the picturesque town of Begur you will find the beautiful beach aiguablava, in Catalan this means blue water, and that is what the beach is known for. The sea water has one beautiful crystal blue color which contrasts beautifully with the fine, white sand and green of the coniferous trees. Aiguablava is one almost paradise beach of breathtaking beauty.

2. Platja de Treumal

This beautiful beach, between Blanes and Lloret de Mar, is an exotic and unspoiled piece of paradise. Cala Treumal is over 400 meters long and located in a protected nature reserve, Pinya de Rosa. You simply feel completely at one with nature here, as if you have stepped into another world. The beautiful clear waters also provide ideal opportunities to go snorkeling and discover the underwater flora & fauna.

3. Cala Senyor Ramón

This is really a perfect example of the rough Costa Brava, this beautiful 800 meter long beach with clear blue water is located in a small bay against a mountain. The beach is surrounded by nature and two large rocks that provide the necessary privacy! Although the beach is remote, it is still easily accessible. Ideal for enjoying a quiet day at the beach!

4. Es Codolar

This beautiful beach is located south of the coastal town Tossa del Mar and from the warm sand you have a view of this town and its medieval battlements. The special thing about this beach is that, despite its proximity to a busy seaside resort, Es Codolar still retains its natural beauty and charm. That's the way it is against the slopes of a cliff that is about 50 meters deep. You will also see charming fishing boats on the beach, which are still used by old fishermen early in the morning.

5. Aigua Xelida

Are you looking for a bit of adventure and are you a real fan of remote and difficult to reach beaches? You know, those breathtaking beaches where you can enjoy plenty of privacy and have lots of fun? Then Aigua Xelida is the ultimate beach for you. You can reach this small bay on foot via nearby Tamariu. Once you get there you are however in total seclusion in your own natural paradise.

6. Cala Montjoi

Another beautiful beach that you can only get to with some effort! Cala Montjoi is located in the beautiful Cap de Creus Natural ParkWell, this reserve is impressive in itself, but the same can also be said about the beautiful beach that belongs to the park. The beach is in an area that is almost untouched by tourism and the human hand. This makes Cala Montjoi real one of a kind and it may even be possible one of the best beaches in Spain be called. However, you can only get there by hiking through Cap de Creus!

7. Cala Rovira

Cala Rovira is located in Platja d'Aro and an excellent choice if you want to get away from it all. The beach is accessible via the Camíno de Ronda coastal path and when you arrive at the beach you will really be amazed by its beauty. The combination of the pbright white, green and blue colors will ensure that you really can't believe your eyes. Just don't expect a deserted beach, you will certainly encounter several beachgoers looking for peace.

8. Cala Boadella

South of the center of Lloret de Mar, near the Santa Clotilde Gardens, you will find the rustic 250 meter long sandy beach Cala Boadella.  With crystal clear waters, fine golden sand, shielded from the wind by the cliff and lush vegetation, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Costa Brava. It is not without reason that this beach has been awarded a well-deserved Blue Flag. As the beach is isolated from the city, by a thick pine forest, it is not very visited by tourists. To get there you have to follow a narrow and steep path of 200 meters before you reach this heavenly paradise.

9. Platja de Sant Francesc

At about 2 km from the center of Blanes, you will find Platja de Sant Fransesc, one of the most beautiful bays on the entire Costa Brava. This little paradise is also popularly called “Cala Bona”, which literally means “beautiful bay”. This beautiful 200-meter-long beach is characterized by one calm and crystal clear sea. Thanks to the surrounding rocks, far from the artificial buildings, the bay is surrounded by pine trees sheltered from the wind. If you want to get away from the crowds for a while this is the one ideal place for swimming and relaxing in Blanes.

10. Platja Gran

Located in the center of Tossa de Mar, Platja Gran is the main and largest beach in the city at 400 meters in length. Tossa de Mar's main beach has been awarded a blue flag nomination and is known for its unique landscape! On one side you will find azure blue areas of the Mediterranean Sea and on the other side the ocher-colored walls and narrow streets of the famous Vila Vella (old town). It is not without reason that this beautiful beach was ranked by National Geographic as one of the 25 best beaches in the world!

Discover the Typical Historical Villages

Costa Brava Holidays - discover historic Girona

In addition to beautiful coastal towns with breathtaking beaches, the Costa Brava also has numerous historic villages with beautiful sights. The history of the Costa Brava goes back to the Iberian and Roman times, the Middle Ages and the heydays of the Spanish Empire!  Verspreid door de gehele Costa Brava vind je dan ook overblijfselen uit de oudheid die zeker een bezichtiging waard zijn! Ontdek tijdens je Costa Brava vakantie de mooiste kathedralen, musea, kloosters, kastelen, nederzettingen, Botanic Gardens en gotische bouwwerken uit de Romeinse tijd, de Middeleeuwen en de Gouden Eeuw. 

Highly recommended to definitely visit during your Costa Brava holiday are the villages & cities: Girona, Banyoles, Cadaqúes, Figueres, Palafrugell, Peratallada, Pals, Tossa de Mar, Begur and L'Escala. During your journey, let yourself be transported back in time by the unparalleled beauty of the Costa Brava. Do you want to know more about these cities and their sights. Then take a look at: “Best 18 Costa Brava places and sights”

The breathtaking Cultural Heritage of the Costa Brava!

Cap de Creus

The Costa Brava, has a rocky coastline, beautiful beaches and a green countryside inland, some to the Pyrenees rich. The seabed is filled with a colorful coral and innumerable fish species. The natural aspect of the Costa Brava is therefore enormous and simply breathtaking. It will therefore not surprise you that many natural areas on the Costa Brava have been designated as cultural heritage. Below are some of these heritage sites of great value for the Costa Brava:

1. Cap de Creus

Located on it highest point from the Costa Brava you will find it breathtaking Cap de Creus natural park. This is also the home base for many bird species. When you walk around here or enjoy a sensational sunset, you will experience the peaceful atmosphere of the Costa Brava,.

2. Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park

In the Bay of Roses you will find the second most important wetland in Catalonia, Aiguamolls de l'Empordà. During your walk through the nature reserve you can see a wide variety of wetlands, salt pans, pastures, freshwater lagoons and pristine beaches. The park is landscaped with wooden walkways, so that you can reach all parts of the park. However, if you come here to spot one of the 323 bird species, it is best to do this in the fall or spring. Without a doubt you will spot one of the 323 bird species of the Costa Brava.

3. The Medes Islands

Nature in Lloret de Mar - Medes Islands

The Medes Islands are located off the coast of l'Estartit (1 kilometer / 10 minutes by boat) and are actually a nature reserve formed by seven small islands with a rich seabed. With no less than 23 hectares they form one of the largest underwater areas in the Mediterranean. Under water you will discover a timeless universe consisting of caves, tunnels and shipwrecks in addition to breathtaking flora and fauna. This also makes it a perfect place for diving.

4. Botanic Gardens

Another wonderful part of the Costa Brava's cultural heritage is the beautifully landscaped botanical gardens. A few examples of botanical gardens are: Jardí Botànic or Cap Roig (in Calella de Palafrugell), Pinya de Rosa (Blanes), Marimurtra (Blanes), Santa Clotilde (Lloret de Mar) and the Francesca Gardens (Girona).

Marimurtra Botanical Gardens
Marimurtra Botanical Gardens

These colorful gardens contain thousands of different plant species and have been laid out by the best (garden) architects, landscapers and botanists of the time. Stroll among beautiful exotic plants and flowers, and let yourself be carried away by the summer floral scents.

Want to know more about the breathtaking nature on the Costa Brava? “Enjoy Nature in Lloret de Mar and surroundings - Top 12 Most Beautiful Places

Enjoy the endless activities during your Costa Blanca holiday!

Are you a big fan of (water) activities? Then you can really indulge yourself during your Costa Brava holiday. Thanks to its beautiful location in the midst of nature and the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean, the possibilities on the Costa Brava, both on land and in the air, on the sea and in the sea, are endless! You can enjoy beautiful walks and bike rides through nature, take various boat trips, practice a range of water sports, but also choose to admire the Costa Brava from the air! Below you will find a small selection of the best and most unique activities that you can experience during your Costa Brava holiday:

1. Parasailing

Parasailing in Lloret de Mar

At various locations on the Costa Brava, including Lloret de Mar and Blanes, you can opt for an unforgettable Parasail adventure. Parasailing is a mix of paragliding, kite surfing and water skiing. You can do this alone or as a pair. In parasailing you are attached to a sail and pulled by a boat from a platform. Because you rise to a height of about 150 meters it will seem like you are flying over the sea! Parasailing will give Lloret de Mar adventure travelers an experience they will never forget.

2. Balloon ride or helicopter tour

A truly wonderful experience during your Costa Brava vacation is making one balloon flight or helicopter flight. From a great height you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Costa Brava, and if the weather permits, even all of Catalonia! Taking off, floating and descending, you experience it all! There are several tour options to choose from in the area of Lloret de Mar!

3. Catamaran trip

During an excursion on a catamaran you explore the area and breathtaking coast of the Costa Brava, in a whole new way. Visit hidden beaches, discover the caves in the rocky cliffs and swim in bays you cannot reach by land. Take in the breathtaking view with the wind in your hair, salt on your skin and sun in your face. Dance on the deck of the boat, take a cooling dip and enjoy a wonderful day on the water. That is exactly true a wonderful sailing trip on a catamaran stands for.

4. Hiking and mountain biking at Cap de Creus

In the northern part of the Costa Brava, near the towns of Llançà, Cadaqués and Roses, you will find one of the largest natural parks in Catalonia: Cap de Creus. You can reach Cap de Creus by car from Cadaqués via a country road with many sharp turns, but also by walk. You can enjoy here a beautiful hike or bike ride with different routess through the mountain landscape with rocks along the sea and visit an old lighthouse with an eco-museum. The Cap de Creus is part of a landscape park that is no less than 14,000 hectares in size and of which 3,000 hectares consists of water surface. This also makes it one beautiful area for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts

5. Diving at the Medes Islands

Water activities in Lloret de Mar - diving

The Medes Islands, a natural park formed by seven islands with a rich seabed, are located off the coast of l'Estartit and offer a breathtaking underwater flora & fauna. Choose one nice diving excursions and sail under the guidance of professional divers to the most beautiful places! Prefer not to dive? Then opt for a glass-bottom boat trip and discover the beauty of the underwater life with your feet on dry land😉!

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Nightlife on the Costa Brava

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Laser show

The beautiful coastal towns on the Costa Brava are known for their pearly white beaches, countless activities, but especially for their vibrant nightlife. Large seaside resorts such as Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Platja d'Aro and Estartit are especially popular with partygoers and offer opportunities to party until the early hours. From large discotheques, chic clubs, party boats and beach parties to cozy bars and pubs, you can not imagine it so crazy or the Costa Brava has it! For a ultimate party holiday you simply have to be on the Costa Brava!

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Accommodations on the Costa Brava!

Voor een echte ultieme Costa Brava vakantie is het uiteraard ook heel belangrijk om goed na te denken over je accommodatie! De keuze qua accommodaties is namelijk reuze! Zo kun je kiezen voor een tent of caravan op een camping, een verblijf in een hotel/apartment, or a holiday in a luxury holiday home or villa. So ask yourself which accommodation best suits your needs!

For example, if you travel with family and children, it is often very important that you can enjoy peace and space! If you go with a large group of friends, you want to avoid being urged to silence all the time. So in my opinion the best way to enjoy the ultimate Costa Brava holiday when you are holiday home with private pool. This way you have everything you need during your holiday and you can also enjoy peace and quiet! And no, a holiday home really does not have to be expensive! However, it is important that you book your holiday home with a reliable provider!

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As mentioned, the Costa Brava has everything you need for the ultimate holiday! However, you just need to know where to start! To make it all a bit easier, I have put together a Top 21 so that you too can experience a Top Holiday! Knowing more? Then read on quickly at: 21 Tips for a Top Holiday!

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