Dofi Jet Boats in Lloret de Mar - a wonderful day on the water!

Dofi Jet Boats is a nautical company with over 50 years of experience in organizing field trips along the coast of the Spanish Costa Brava. They offer you the opportunity to discover the beautiful rocky coastline of the Costa Brava with your family, friends or loved one, by boat, full of hidden beaches, cliffs and caves; places where there is no other way than by boat! In addition, they also offer you the option of various beautiful pictures on the Costa Brava to put on and explore! You can read below which places these are all, together with lots of other information about a boat trip with Dofi Jet Boats!

Who is Dofi Jet Boats?

With over 50 years of experience and no fewer than 50 employees, Dofi Jet Boats is one of the market leaders in the field of boat excursions in Lloret de Mar! Currently Dofi Jet Boats owns a modern fleet with 5 state-of-the-art crafts. The boats are all equipped with a solarium, toilets, air conditioning, music and a bar. The high service level and professionalism of the team also ensures high satisfaction among customers. At Dofi Jet Boats tourists can go for fun excursions as well as make use of a so-called hop-on-hop-off boat, where you can sail to various picturesque places on the Costa Brava.

Discover the nicest places on the Costa Brava with Dofi Jet Boats

Discover the picturesque Tossa de Mar with Dofi Jet Boats!

If you go on holiday to the Costa Brava it is always interesting to visit other places on the coast, especially if you can also combine this with a boat trip on the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean. Dofi Jet Boats offers a wonderful solution here. They will take you by boat from April to October (depending on the weather) to and from the places Calella, Pineda de Mar, Santa Susanna, Malgrat de Mar, Blanes, Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar. During the trip, however, they also dock at some beautiful beaches: Cala Fenals (Lloret), Santa Cristina (Lloret), Cala Canyelles (Lloret de Mar), Platja Poble Nou (Pineda) and S'Abannel (Blanes).

Canyelles beach - Lloret
Cala Canyelles in Lloret de Mar

Enjoy a wonderful boat trip and then walk through the 2 Blanes Botanical Gardens, discover the secrets of the medieval town of Tossa de Mar, construction a party in nightlife mecca Lloret de Mar, or move to the beautiful seaside resort of Calella on the Costa Maresme! Of course you can also go for a day of beach hopping! The boats moor at some of them the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava, and during this trip you can discover them all! Don't forget to bring your swimming gear and snorkel set!

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How does it work?

Step aboard Dofi Jet Boats directly from the beach for an unforgettable trip!

Dofi Jet Boats therefore easily takes you to other destinations along the coast (both the Costa Maresme as the Costa Brava,). While sailing you can enjoy the beautiful azure blue Mediterranean sea and a formidable views of the coastline from the Costa Brava. If you travel to Tossa de Mar, you can also discover the seabed of the Costa Brava at Cala Canyelles. And no, you don't have to go into the water for this. The boat has glass viewing windows below the waterline of the boat, and at this location, this part of the boat is exempt for anyone who wants to have a look!

So you can get on a Dofi Jet boat from your holiday destination and it will take you to all the places or beaches mentioned above! However, you can also get off at a location on your route, do some sightseeing or lounging on the beach, then catch the next boat to continue your destination! A species Hop-on-Hop-off idea! It is of course important to take into account the travel time to your next destination, but also to possibly return home. The boat moors a few times a day, depending on your destination the last boat often leaves between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

So make sure you are on time if you want to travel even further, but also if you want to return by boat. Of course, public transport always offers a solution if you are late anyway😉. To make it easy for you, I have below a route schedule attached in which you can see exactly, in chronological order, where the Dofi Jet Boats dock and how long it takes to get from A to B.

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Route schedule and Travel time

Dofi Jet Boats - schedule

The Best Excursions with Dofi Jet Boats!

Besides the fact that you can plan a nice trip to the most picturesque places on the Costa Brava and Costa Maresme through Dofi Jet Boats, you can also participate in fun excursions. Below I also have the best excursions from Dofi Jet Boats listed for you:

Dofi Jet Boat to Tossa de Mar

A trip to the historic seaside resort of Tossa de Mar! Tossa de Mar is an old fishing village with a fascinating history dating back to prehistoric times, with remains from the ancient Roman Túrissa to present-day Tossa, where many artists and intellectuals still lived to this day. Travel along the coast and discover the unique landscape as you navigate through the different bays and along beaches that can only be seen from the sea.

At Cala Canyelles, a beautiful beach in Lloret de Mar, you will have the opportunity to look under the waterline of the boat through glass viewing windows to see the beautiful underwater world! In addition to many different fish species, you will also find beautiful flora on the sandy seabed. So you can between the posidonia plants several rock fish as groupers and sea eels to observe. In the spring you can use the sunfish encounter between the rocks, but also octopuses, lobsters and groups of tuna or barracudas.

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The Dofi Jet Emotion Speedboat)

On board the “Emotion” you will sail at high speed along the Costa Brava and discover the beautiful landscapes while flying above the waves. During the 2-hour tour you will discover bays and hidden places which can only be accessed from the sea. Of course, a stop will also be made along the way so that you can cool off in the sea! The trip is available from the beaches of Blanes and Lloret de Mar (Fenals, Playa de Lloret de Mar and Cala Canyelles). Are you staying elsewhere on the Costa Brava? No problem! Of course you can also reach these beaches with this Hop-on-Hop-off service!

Blanes FireWorks!

Enjoy the beautiful fireworks in Blanes during the international fireworks competition!

The highly regarded international fireworks competition in Blanes, each held in the 3e or 4e week of July, is one of the most prestigious in the world. This is where the best pyrotechnic companies compete a spectacular fireworks show full of color and loud bangs. You can attend this unique party on one of the Dofi Jet boats! During this event, the boats will take you to a beautiful location from which you can watch the fireworks on board while enjoying a glass of cava. However, be quick because the places are very popular and limited.

Practical information:

Dofi Jet Boats is based in the harbor of Blaneshowever, they also have boarding points on the main beach of Lloret de Mar “Playa de Lloret” and Playa Fenals. You can easily buy tickets online or at one of the kiosk the boulevard of Lloret!

Dofi Jet Boats
Address: c. Sant Antoni 3, 1-1 Blanes
Tel: +34 628 352 250

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Other fun water activities in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar party boat (2)
Sail on the Lloret de Mar Party Boat for an unforgettable experience!

Do you want to spend more time on the water in addition to a great trip at Dofi Jet Boats? No problem, because Lloret de Mar has endless water activities thanks to its beautiful location on the Mediterranean sea! You will also find various operators of water sports activities along and on the beach of Lloret de Mar. Here you can go for everything that has to do with in and on the water. From a wild ride on the banana or flyfish, to SUP, surfing, parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, sea kayaking, wakeboarding, snorkeling, to dive and kite surfing. You can also book various trips for the catamaran, party boat, glass bottom boat or even one rent a boat if you have a boating license!

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