Top 12 Best Excursions in Lloret de Mar!

Lloret de Mar is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. With sunny beaches, nice shops, wonderful restaurants and cozy bars Lloret de Mar has everything you could wish for during your holiday. However, that does not mean, of course, that you should stay in Lloret de Mar for your entire holiday. Sometimes it is wonderful to lounge next to the beach and go out to discover the beautiful surroundings and countless activities. What better way than with a fun excursion!

To give you an idea of the fun excursions that you can only do in Lloret de Mar, find below the most beautiful 12 excursions in Lloret de Mar. !

Excursions in Lloret de Mar: A “once in a life time experience”!

In Lloret de Mar you have an abundance of organized excursions, but you can also plan some kind of excursion yourself. That depends on exactly what your wishes are and what exactly you want to do. You should ask yourself whether you want to find out everything yourself during your holiday and to discover whether you prefer that everything is arranged for you down to the last detail.

It is of course also important to consider whether you can really do the excursion you want to do without professional guidance! So is an excursion by boat, where you want to go diving or a trip through the mountains is not really recommended if you have little to no experience!

Due to the wide range of excursions and activities that you can undertake in Lloret de Mar, it is sometimes difficult to choose exactly what you want to do! Then go ask yourself what you really love, but also what you can not do at home or not so easily! I'm sure, you want to come back home and tell about that ultimate experience you had in Lloret de Mar.! Something you may no longer experience in the same way! And also think of those nice enviable photos that you have for Instagram or Facebook!

Top 12 excursions in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is located on the Costa Brava, one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. The turbulent coast is characterized by soft sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and green islands, but the rest of the province of Catalonia is also worth a visit. There are countless bustling cities, picturesque villages, vineyards, amusement parks, nature reserves, but also a whole world on and under the water that awaits you.

1.    Day trip to Barcelona

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Barcelona
Enjoy the panoramic views of Barcelona!

Over an hour's drive from Lloret de Mar you will find the breathtaking capital of Catalonia, Barcelona! Every year millions of tourists come to Barcelona to enjoy the unprecedented culture, the beautiful history, the delicious food and of course for shopping. From the unique Gaudí architecture to the hip tapas bars and bustling Ramblas, during your holiday in Lloret de Mar you just have to see Barcelona. And from Lloret de Mar you can be there in no time, so you can go and back in one day.

You can go to Barcelona by your own or with an organized tour. That is nice and easy, because everything is arranged for you. Moreover, it often includes a professional guide and you are sure not to miss a single highlight. From Lloret de Mar, many providers organize day trips to Barcelona. Every excursion is slightly different, so you can always find one that suits your taste and wishes.

Would you rather go to Barcelona by yourself? The fastest and easiest way is by car, but you can also get there by train or bus within two hours. Make sure you don't miss the beautiful Gothic quarter and the hip harbor. Football fans have of course to visit the famous Camp Nou stadium of FC Barcelona, while culture sniffers the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell .

Do you want to know all the ins & outs about a day trip to Barcelona and the beautiful sights? Then read on: From Lloret de Mar to Barcelona Day Trip (Auto-Bus-Train) - Top 10

2.    Visit the largest water park in Europe: WaterWorld!

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Waterworld

Lloret de Mar is not only a fun destination for partying with friends or romance on the beach, it is also very child-friendly. While you enjoy your well-deserved rest, the kids play on the beach or in the sea. Because what could be more fun than romping on the beach and in the sea when it is hot? Right, Waterworld!

Waterworld in Lloret de Mar is the largest water park in Europe and is located just outside the center of Lloret de Mar. Free shuttle buses run daily from Lloret de Mar to this wonderful water park! Not only children will have endless fun on the many slides, water playgrounds or the wave pool, it is also great fun for adults.

Waterworld in Lloret de Mar, discover the 20 top attractions!

3.    Experience a spectacular day in an amusement park!

In a Mediterranean pine forest, on the road from Lloret de Mar to Blanes, there is special for the little ones (up to 12 years old) GnomoPark. This is an active outdoor park, full of cute gnomes, playgrounds and fun activities. The little ones can enjoy climbing and clambering here, play in the ball pit, play mini golf and much more! During the warm summer months there are also 2 splash pools and a “Spray Splash” area with different water jets where the children can romp after their activities.

For a little more action and adventure you can also book an excursion, or plan a trip with your own transport, to PortAventura. The largest amusement park in Spain! Enjoy exciting attractions spread over 6 worlds and step into the world of roller coasters and white water rides. There is also a special children's world for the little ones. In addition, many shows take place at the park every day, for young and old.!

4.    Visit hidden beaches

In Lloret de Mar you can choose among 8 wonderful beaches. Playa de Lloret is the largest and most busy beach of Lloret de Mar, right in the center on the boulevard. Nevertheless, it is worth a day trip to visit the other beaches of Lloret. Because they are more difficult to reach and are a bit further from the city, you can enjoy a unique beach day at these hidden gems. Because although these picturesque bays have much less facilities than a Playa de Lloret or Playa Fenals, they are wonderfully quiet!

Excursions in Lloret de Mar beach

From Playa de Lloret you can discover the picturesque beaches of Sa Caleta and Cala Banys with a lovely walk or short car ride. These are in fact an extension of Playa de Lloret. However, there are also beaches where you have to put in a little more effort to get there, but they are definitely worth it! Each beach offers something different and you will certainly enjoy yourself.

Many of these beaches can be reached with a combination of a car ride and walk, but some require a little more effort. You can reach the tears Cala Boadella and Santa Cristina by car, but also by taking the Lloret de Mar tourist train to the botanical gardens of Santa Clotilde and from there with a steep path down to the beaches. Of course you can immediately combine this with a nice visit to the botanical garden.

Another fun excursion to the beaches is with the "taxi boat". From Lloret de Mar you take the water taxi and it takes you to the beaches Fenals and Santa Christina. Along the way you can decide where to get on or off, but only the boat trip is a wonderful experience.

If you want to know more about the beaches in Lloret de Mar, take a look at: the 8 most beautiful beaches in Lloret de Mar!

5.    Dive into history

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Castell
Castell d'en Plaja in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is also the place for culture and history. In addition to the beautiful historic buildings in the center of Lloret, such as the Sant Roma church, there is also plenty to discover in the area. During your holiday to Lloret de Mar a visit to Castell d'en Plaja and Castell de San Joan worth it. Even older are the Iberian ruins of the 2300-year-old settlement of Puig de Castellet. Local guides are happy to tell you more about the history of Lloret de Mar on a tour. You can find more information about the sights in Lloret de Mar. here!

Also make time for an excursion to other places on the Costa Brava. From Lloret de Mar you can take many excursions to many historical villages and towns nearby, where you can learn more about the history and culture of Catalonia. For example, a tour of the medieval fishing villages, Llafranc, Begur, Cadaqués, Pals and Port Bo is also worthwhile.

6. A historic day in Girona

Girona is in a strategic location in Catalonia, 30 km inland from Lloret de Mar. With its rich historical past and ancient heritage, it is well worth a visit. Take the time to stroll along the roads and alleys in the old city center. The former Jewish quarter, one of the largest in Spain, is particularly enchanting. The 14th century Girona cathedral is a must. Inside the cathedral is a high-quality museum displaying liturgical vestments and other religious artifacts. Next to the cathedral you will find the Arab baths of Girona, dating from the 12th century. Immerse yourself in the medieval and Moorish history of Spain.

End your visit to Girona with a walk around the old defensive walls. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole old city center and its historical monuments. The variety is proof of the different eras and the numerous armed forces who have occupied this historic city from time to time. Visit Girona to get a more complete picture of the history of Catalonia and Spain in general.

Enjoy a timeless day in Montserrat

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Montserrat

During your holiday in Lloret de Mar, it is highly recommended to take an excursion to Montserrat. Montserrat is the name of the mountain massif west of Barcelona as well as the Benedictine Abbey located in the folds of the mountain massif. This architectural gem was built in the 11th and 13th centuries on the side of the mountain at an altitude of 700 meters. The monastery and the famous “Black Madonna”, Montserrat also makes an important European pilgrimage destination.

If you go to Montserrat then it is highly recommended to take the rack railway up. This way, in addition to a beautiful view, you also have the opportunity to visit different parts of the mountain, including the Santa Cova. Besides the beautiful monastery you can also enjoy a beautiful walk and a breathtaking view! Thanks to its beauty, Montserrat is one of the most popular sights in the Barcelona region.

8.      Medieval joust and flamenco in the castle of Tordera

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Flamenco

On the Costa Brava, thanks to its rich history, the Medievalcentre. This is also reflected in the many historical sites on the Costa Brava and Lloret de Mar. Another important part of Spanish culture is the Flamenco! A passionate dance full of vocals, palmas (clapping) and virtuoso guitar playing. So if you opt for an excursion to the castle of Tordera, you will get a glimpse into both Spanish cultural heritage in a 4-hour spectacle!

It is just over fifteen minutes drive from Lloret de Mar. castle Medieval de Valltordera. Upon arrival at the castle, meet the Count and Countess and take them to the main dining room. Here you can enjoy a delicious medieval dinner while you watch as several knights participate in a typical medieval tournament, with battles, games, carousals and horse exhibitions. The evening ends with live music in the royal ballroom and you can see the traditional Spanish flamenco!

9. Admire Dali's art

Did you know that the famous Spanish painter Dalí loved the Costa Brava? He was born in Figueres and the rugged landscape and Catalan culture continued to inspire the artist throughout his life. Art lovers in Lloret de Mar have the perfect opportunity to learn more about this quirky painter. Choose a day full of culture with an excursion to the “Dalí Triangle”. These three places are so named because they are closely linked to the artist's life. The easiest way is to rent a car and go out on your own, because most organized excursions only go to Figueres.

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Dali

Start the day in his hometown Figueres with a visit to the Dalí Theater Museum, which was co-designed by the artist himself. The museum not only has the largest collection of Dalí art from all periods of his life, he himself is buried in a crypt under the stage. You drive from Figueres to Cadaqués. This picturesque place has been painted not only by Dalí, but also by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Marcel Duchamp. The Cadaqués Museum houses works by Dalí, but the city actually feels like you are walking through his paintings.

Finish the day in Portlligat, near Cadaqués. This is where Dalí and his wife bought a house in 1930 and then continued to live until 1982. At that time they diligently built the house, which grew into a true labyrinth and living artwork. It is decorated with furniture that the artist designed and is full of rarities. Not surprising when you see his art. You can visit the house, but you must reserve tickets in advance.

10. Dive or snorkel at the Medes Islands dive or snorkel trip

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - boat trip

Perhaps the best excursions in Lloret de Mar are not on land, but on the water. The Spanish coast has so much more to offer than just swimming and sunbathing. The clear blue waters of the Costa Brava give you a whole new world to discover. The coastline at Lloret de Mar has a lush flora and fauna full of fishes, caves and bays. So definitely do a snorkel- or diving excursion, you will be amazed by all the underwater splendor. From Lloret de Mar you will be taken by boat to the best spots that are suitable for both novice and advanced divers.

Especially around the Medes Islands there is plenty to see. The Medes Islands are located off the coast of l'Estartit and are actually a nature park formed by seven islands with a rich seabed. If you prefer not to dive or snorkel, choose an excursion to the Medes Islands in a glass bottom boat. Besides the fact that the few-hour boat trip is the ultimate enjoyment, you can also dive into a beautiful underwater world without getting wet!

11. Go on a sailing adventure on a catamaran

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Catamaran

Take the catamaran in Lloret de Mar and embark on a real sailing adventure along the Costa Brava. Take a seat in the big nets and feel the catamaran gliding smoothly over the water. This wonderful excursion guarantees a fantastic day on the water and in the sun!  

You can book this beautiful trip in many different forms: with a delicious lunch, an extensive BBQ with a drink of your choice or even completely all inclusive. And Lloret de Mar wouldn't be Lloret de Mar if you couldn't do this great excursion too book it as a party trip! So take a good look at which trip you book and avoid ending up with the partying youngsters with young children for 3.5 hours!

During this beautiful trip, the catamaran sails along the beautiful landscape of the Costa Brava, full cliffs, caves, secluded beaches and picturesque fishing villages. Along the way, the catamaran moors several times so you have the opportunity to swim, sway on a large floating mattress or do snorkel in the clear water.

Read more about the Catamarans of Lloret de Mar here!

12. Sea kayak excursion

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Sea kayaking

A real sea kayak excursion is a must for the sports enthusiasts among us! This is how you make a trip by kayak past secret coves and impressive cliffs from the Costa Brava Admire the rugged rock formations from the water and sail along the beautiful canals of Es Bot and S'Agulla. This tour will also bring you to fantastic beaches, Sa Boadella, Santa Cristina and Treumal. During this tour you will discover from the water the most beautiful places on the Costa Brava, where you would normally never come! Of course, all this with an experienced guide who knows both the area and the water like the palm of his hand.

This activity is also fun for families with children. In this case, there are very stable and easy to use double kayaks available!


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