Fishing in Lloret de Mar - the best fishing spots and fishing trips

Lloret de Mar is a beautiful tourist resort which is known in high season for its pleasant temperatures, vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches! Simply a wonderful sun, sea and beach destination! What many people do not know, however, is that thanks to the beautiful location by the sea you can also fish in Lloret de Mar! The water is clear and clean, the many blue flag beaches are proof of this, and there is one very rich underwater Flora and fauna. You will find various types of bream, perch, mackerel, tuna, bluefin tuna, but also spearfish and barracudas.

Fishing in Lloret de Mar is possible from the beautiful coastline, but you can also use a rent private boat charter and go fishing in the middle of the sea under the guidance of an experienced captain! Would you like to go fishing in Lloret de Mar? Then quickly read on and find out here the most beautiful fishing spots and best fishing trips in Lloret de Mar!

Fishing in Lloret de Mar - Ultimate Enjoyment

Lloret de Mar is originally a picturesque fishing village, located on the beautiful Spanish Costa Brava. However, the breathtaking coastline, exceptional flora and fauna and pearly white beaches ensured that Lloret de Mar also began to gain prestige as a tourist holiday destination in the mid-last century. Today, Lloret de Mar is known as a lively seaside resort, full of entertainment and activities. When thinking of activities in Lloret de Mar, many will think of jet skiing, to dive, snorkeling, parasailing, bungee jumping, karting, boat parties or one of the countless other exciting excursions. Lloret de Mar also has a lot relaxing activities, including fishing at or at sea!

But what makes fishing in Lloret de Mar now so different from fishing in your home country? To begin with, that is the maritime environment; a beautiful rocky coastline, clear and azure sea water and a rich underwater flora & fauna. Then combine this with a wonderfully pleasant climate, where the sun shines and the waves gently ripple. Surely they are the ultimate fishing conditions. Moreover, fishing in Lloret de Mar is not only possible from the coast, the real fishing enthusiast can also go out with a boat and get to know the beautiful underwater world of Lloret de Mar while floating on the water. Surely that is ultimate enjoyment for every fisherman ?!

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Fishing in Lloret de Mar: in all seasons!

Fishing in Lloret de Mar for the Bluefin Tuna!

Every season, fishing in Lloret de Mar offers new challenges. So one can enjoy great here between April and October trolling fishing from height but also jigging. These types of fish are perfect for catching species like Bluefin Tuna, Albacore, or the dwarf tuna with lures. September and October are also good months to go a little deeper on bonito and mahi-mahi (mahi-mahi) or fishing while stationary on sardine. Spring and autumn also offer excellent conditions for planting fishing with espets or needles to catch leather fish or bluefish at a depth of 7 to 15 meters.

In winter you can also fish in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area. This time of year is ideal for deep sea fishing and bottom fishing. During deep sea fishing you can catch the large black sea bream, the small ling, the conger (conger eel), wreck perch, grouper or hake. Another great experience is bottom fishing, where the wrecks and rocks the hotspots are. In bottom fishing you can catch sea bream, wreckfish, tooth bream, red snapper, small ling and conger eel.

The most beautiful spots on the coast of Lloret de Mar

Are you not such an adventurer, who wants to brave the sea on a boat, in a search for fish! Would you rather throw ashore, with your feet on the ground, relax your fishing line? No worries! Lloret de Mar also has beautiful picturesque locations where this is possible. The small bays and the rocky coasts that Lloret de Mar has are very interesting for it spin fishing and jigging. In addition, the seabed here is generally rocky, and the current that comes from the Gulf of Lyon provides a rich and maritime flora and fauna.

Would you like to fish in one of the beautiful bays of Lloret de Mar? Cala Banys highly recommended. This unspoilt paradise beach in Lloret de Mar is ideal for fishing and also perfect for avoiding mass tourism in high season. Also the Canyellas beach is a nice location for fishing. You can do this in a limited and cordoned-off area near the small harbor. The ideal thing about Canyelles is that you can cast your fishing rod here while your fellow travelers enjoy the beach and various water sports a little further away.

Tip! Keep in mind that you need a permit for fishing in Lloret de Mar, you will find more information about this at the bottom of this blog!

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Boat charters

During your holiday in Lloret de Mar it is also possible to look for fish with a private charter boat. You have options to only rent a charter boat and sail out on your own initiative, but also to do this under the guidance of an experienced captain, who not only knows the sea but also the best fishing spots. If you want to sail on your own initiative, it is important to take into account not only the Spanish laws and regulations regarding sailing at sea, but also with timely applying for all necessary fishing permits, bringing your fishing equipment and all additional responsibilities about the boat such as insurance, refueling and damage.

If you choose a charter boat with a captain, you will not have all these worries! The charter company takes care of the required permits, the fishing equipment, insurance, fuel, taxes and the captain takes care of driving the boat. You can also choose from during an organized fishing trip different forms of fish: trolling, chumming, drifting, big game fishing, tuna fishing, wreck fishing, night fishing for squid and much more. Moreover everyone welcome on board - from beginners to experienced fishermen, as well as families and groups of friends. Are you a real fishing enthusiast then fishing at sea with a charter boat is definitely recommended!


The costs for renting a charter boat depend on the type of boat, the number of people, the duration and of course whether you choose an option with or without captain. However, keep in mind that a charter boat for 4 to 8 people, including captain, fishing equipment, fuel, insurance and permits, costs about> € 500 for half a day (4 hours) and> € 1000 for a whole day (8 hours) of fishing in Lloret de Mar.

Charter companies

fishing in Lloret de Mar
The beautiful harbor in Blanes

Do you want to rent a charter boat to go fishing in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava,, then you can go to many different rental companies. To make your search for a solid partner a bit easier, I have listed a number of reliable and affordable companies where you can fish in Lloret de Mar for you below! However, keep in mind that most charter boats have their berth in the harbor of neighboring Blanes and leave from here!

1. Charter Lloret - MST Náutica

Address: C / Esplanada del Port - mooring K-5, 17300 Blanes

Tel. : +34 972 36 01 19 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm)
Tel. 2: +34 629 48 38 31 (Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm)

2. TomsCatch Guides & Charters SL

Address: Port of Blanes
Tel: (+34) 651 377 316

3. Fishing Spain

Address: Av-da Puerto Rico 11, local B2, 17310 Lloret de Mar
Tel: + 34 661 51 01 55 / + 34 972 90 13 50

4. Nautal

Address: Josep Pla 2, B3, 6B 08019, Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +31 20 369 0791

Do you need a permit if you want to fish in Lloret de Mar?

Fishing in Lloret de Mar - maximum 2 rods per person allowed!

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to just throw your fishing rod anywhere in Spain. In Spain it is for fishing in the sea as well as in inland waters a regional fishing or angling license (permiso / licencia de pesca) required. In addition, the legislation, permits and opening times of the fishing season vary enormously from region to region. In this article, however, I will limit it to the region of Catalonia.

First of all, it is important to note that in Catalonia you cannot use live bait everywhere, with maximum two rods allowed fishing and recreational fishing prohibited between 21:00 and 06:00 is. However, if you are going with a private charter boat to fish, all necessary permits will of course be arranged for you! There are also private charter boats that offer the possibility to go night fishing!

If you go fishing independently, you can obtain a fishing license for the region of Catalonia at the regional 'Consejeria de Medio Ambiente', but also at local fish shops and in some Caja Rural and Cajamar banks. So you can't just drop your fishing rod anywhere on the coast of the Costa Brava! If you do this, you risk one fine of up to € 1000 and the confiscation of your fishing equipment. Since the costs for a fishing license with a validity of 1 year are less than € 50, it seems to me that the choice is not too difficult!

All information about the necessary fishing licenses can be found at the Spanish Fishermen's Federation. If you want to avoid waiting times, sometimes up to 3-4 working days, during your holiday, you can go online here Apply for a fishing license in advance.


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