High Season in Lloret de Mar - When to plan your holidays?

High season in Lloret de Mar

Are you planning to go on holiday to Lloret de Mar this summer? However, are you not quite sure what to expect in the high season in Lloret de Mar? In this article, I'm going to tell you all about a holiday in Lloret de Mar during high season!

So I will go deeper into: the climate, when exactly is the high season in Lloret de Mar, what to do, but also whether a holiday in Lloret de Mar is expensive. So read on to determine if Lloret de Mar will be your next holiday destination for this summer!

Lloret de Mar - General information

Lloret de Mar is located in the northeast of Spain, on the beautiful Costa Brava,. The Costa Brava (literally: rugged and wild coast) is a 200-kilometer stretch of coastline on the Mediterranean sea packed with plenty breathtaking bays and pearly white sandy beaches. Thanks to its idyllic location, Lloret de Mar has been one of the most popular seaside resorts in Europe for decades. And of course, in combination with the countless activities, the vibrant nightlife and the 8 beautiful beaches and others see sights that Lloret de Mar has!

Lloret de Mar has a population of 38,000 inhabitants, on an area of 40km2. In the high season, however, these numbers quickly rise between 100,000 and 160,000 “temporary” inhabitants. Most of the tourists who visit Lloret de Mar are from Western Europe, so you will find many Dutch, Belgian, German and English sun, sea and beach lovers.

During the high season, if you stay in the center of Lloret de Mar, where the real party zoneis, then you will mainly meet the young partying holidaymaker. However, if you book a holiday outside the it's bustling heart of Lloret de Mar then you can spend in peace a wonderful family vacation.  

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When exactly is the high season in Lloret de Mar?

The real high season Lloret de Mar officially runs from July to August, coinciding with the summer holiday period in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Despite the fact that the months of June and September do not formally belong to the high season in Lloret de Mar, they should, however, informally be counted as high season in terms of temperatures, activities and entertainment.

However, due to the fact that the summer holidays have not yet started throughout Europe, these months are a lot less touristy. Wonderful if you want to enjoy everything in Lloret, but without the mass tourism in the center!

What is the climate in Lloret in high season

Weather in high season in Lloret de Mar.
Weather in high season in Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate, which guarantees warm and dry summers. From June through September you can enjoy a lot of sun and wonderful temperatures almost every day between 25 and 30 degrees. Of course, especially in the months of July and August, outliers also occur. The wonderful sea breeze, however, provides pleasant cooling in these cases.

For many holidamakers, the month of July is the ultimate month to go on holiday to Lloret de Mar, in this month Lloret has the highest number of hours of sun per day, about 10 hours, and the least rainfall. Of course it can also occasionally rain in the high season in Lloret de Mar, but this will usually consist of a thunderstorm that blows quickly.  

What to do during the high season in Lloret de mar

As one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, you will never be bored during the high season in Lloret de Mar. Whatever your wishes are, in Lloret de Mar you will always find an activity that meets all your wishes. There are 8 beautiful beaches, 300 entertainment places, field trips, 20 big discos, karting, beautiful walking and cycling tours through the breathtaking nature, gorgeous medieval buildings, historic churches and many water sports activities.

If all this is not enough, you can also choose a day in Lloret to an amusement park, a visit to the Waterworld park with spectacular slides, a wonderful boat trip or a day of strolling through the shopping streets or the cozy market with bargains!  

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National holidays during the high season in Lloret de Mar.

If you stay in Lloret de Mar during the high season, you will have the chance to enjoy some National holidays . For example, from June to September, there are 4 National holidays in Lloret de Mar. Do you want to discover the real life of the city and the beautiful Catalan culture ? Then have a look at these 4 events if you stay in Lloret during this period:

June 24th - San Juan

Every year, on the night of June 23th until late the next morning, the Birth of Saint John the Baptist is celebrated in Lloret de Mar, San Juan. The start of summer is heralded at this traditional festival, supplemented by a beautiful fireworks show in neighboring Blanes. In order to have a good view, it is recommended to get the beach of Blanesbefore 10 pm. The festival ends with eating coca, a typical Catalan cake and drinking Cava.

Enjoy the beautiful fireworks on the beach of Blanes

July 24th - Santa Cristina

Every year on July 24th in Lloret de Mar the city festival of Santa Cristina is celebrated. Santa Cristina is the patron saint of Lloret de Mar. During this festival there will be a festive procession up to the date from 1376 Santa Cristina hermitage. It is also the perfect opportunity to spend some time on the beautiful beach of Santa Cristina or Cala Treumal.

August 15th - Asunción de la Virgen

August 15th is a national Catholic holiday in all of Spain, on this day the moment when the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven with body and soul is celebrated (Asunción de la Virgen Maria). On this day it is important to know that shops can remain closed . On the other hand, you can enjoy in many places true fireworks shows and lots of other fun festivities.

September 11th - Diada Nacional de Catalunya

Diada Nacional de Catalunya is originally a mourning day that developed over time national holiday in Catalonia. It was the day when Barcelona fell and had to surrender to the Spanish-French troops. Yet this tragic event for the Catalans grew over the years into a festive day. The Catalans are very proud of their region, which is why this celebration is celebrated on September 11th with pride and nationalism for Catalonia. It is a day of celebrations, manifestations and political statements. Please note that on this day many shops in Lloret de Mar and surroundings are closed!

Lloret de Mar expensive during the high season?

Do you want to go on a holiday in the high season but your budget is not so high? Don't worry, in Lloret de Mar you can also enjoy a wonderful holiday with a small budget. For example, in Lloret de Mar you can stay in one without paying too much hotel or apartment in the heart of Lloret de Mar, or in a fully equipped holiday home on the outskirts of the city. Due to the wide choice of accommodation, from cozy to super-deluxe, there is a suitable place for every budget.

Placed by Club Villamar on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

For example, let's take a look to a holiday home in Lloret de Mar. Unlike many people think, a holiday home in Lloret de Mar in Spain is affordable, also in high season! If you even calculate it correctly, you will quickly conclude that it is one of the most profitable options for your holiday.

For convenience, I will quickly calculate it for you using the example below!

Imagine you are looking for a holiday home in Lloret de Mar for 8 people, with private pool, beautiful sea views and a lovely outdoor area. The rental price (reference date: 03-06-2020) for one random villa, in high season, starts from around EUR 1050 per week in July! If you book this holiday home in Lloret de Mar with 8 people, this means that for less than EUR 20 per person per day (EUR 1050: 7 days: 8 people!) you can enjoy a private villa with your friends or family!

Lloret de Mar villas are expensive in high season? Certainly not! You just have to know where to look to find your perfect holiday home, within the perfect budget. Read more about this in: Villa Rental in Lloret de Mar? Your Perfect Holiday Home In 10 Steps!

This does not only apply to holiday homes in Lloret de Mar. Traveling to Lloret de Mar, eating & drinking in Lloret de Mar and activities in Lloret de Mar also don't have to be expensive. Do you want to know how you can experience an ultimate holiday in Lloret on a budget, in addition to cheap accommodation? Then take a look at: Is Lloret de Mar expensive? No, no! Cheap!

Transport in Lloret de Mar

If you travel to Lloret de Mar by car then you have the great advantage that you can use your own car for making nice day trips. However, if you prefer to come with the plane or have traveled the bus to Lloret then it might be good to know that the public transport in high season in Lloret de Mar is well organized. From May to October, the bus runs 4 times an hour from the bus station in the center to Fenals beach.

Coach holiday

In addition, the bus goes 1x per hour to Blanes, 2x per hour to Tossa de mar, 8 times a day to Barcelona and 4x per day to Girona. Ideal when you want to visit these beautiful cities!

The The nearest train station is located in Blanes, from where you have different connections after, like Barcelona and Girona. Here you can come by bus from the bus station in the center of Lloret de Mar. In addition, there is a tourist train that runs in the summer months through Lloret de mar, which remains a great experience for the children!

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