Flying to Lloret de Mar? How long? Which Airport? Best Answers

how long to fly to Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de mar, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, is at more than 1400 kilometers from Utrecht. It takes a few hours to get to Lloret de Mar by bus or car, but by plane you will be there in a few hours! So you can be in it in no time sunny and vibrant Lloret de Mar. to be!

Would you like an answer to the question: how long to fly to Lloret de Mar., but also to and from which airports you can fly, and no matter how you fly to Lloret de Mar. can run smoothly? Then read on, because below you will find the answer to all your pressing questions!

Flying to Lloret de Mar: where to start?

You have decided to go on holiday to Lloret de Mar, now the airline tickets have to be arranged. But the questions are skyrocketing because from where are you going to fly to Lloret? Which airport do you arrive at? How long is the flight to Lloret de Mar? And how do you end up in Lloret de Mar, because once you arrive at the airport you are not yet in Lloret? Let's start at the beginning:

1. How long to fly to Lloret de Mar?

As mentioned, the most quick option is to get to Lloret de Mar by plane. For example, you can already fly in 2 hours and 10 minutes from the Netherlands with a direct flight to the airport in Girona, Barcelona or Reus. Depending on where you live in the Netherlands, you can of course also choose a flight from Belgium or Germany. In these countries the flight will also take about 2 hours.

2. From which airports can I fly to Lloret de Mar?

How long to fly to Lloret de Mar? You can be at the airport in just 2 hours!

If you fly to Lloret de Mar, you can choose from 3 different airports in the Netherlands: Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport. These airports all offer direct flights, so without a stopover at an intermediate airport. The choice of airlines is also large from these airports. You can fly with: Iberia, Air Europa, EasyJet, Vueling Airlines, Transavia, KLM and Ryanair.

If you live on the German or Belgian border, you can of course also choose to fly from these countries. So you can in Belgium from Brussels flying directly to Lloret de Mar and from Germany you can even choose from 4 airports with direct flights. Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf Weeze, Munster or Dortmund. The advantage of this can be that you are not only faster at the airport, but that the airline tickets here are also cheaper.

Tip: If you book a flight from Düsseldorf to Lloret de Mar, check whether this flight departs from Düsseldorf or Düsseldorf Weeze. Despite the agreements in the name Düsseldorf, this airport is more than an hour's drive apart.

3.  What airports are there near Lloret de Mar.

Besides the fact that you know from which airports you can fly to Lloret de Mar, it is equally important to determine which airport you want to arrive at. In the vicinity of Lloret de Mar there are 3 airports to choose from: Girona-Costa Brava Airport (GRO), Barcelona El Prat International Airport (BCN) and Reus Airport (REU).

Lloret de Mar airports on the Map
Lloret de Mar airports on the Map

3.1 Girona Airport

This relatively small airport is only 28 km most near Lloret de Mar. So from the airport in Girona you can already use half an hour away in Lloret de Mar. to be. From the Netherlands, this is flown by Transavia and Ryanair. These airlines are known for their economical ticket prices.

3.2 Barcelona El Prat International Airport

This large airport is approx 91 kilometers from Lloret de Mar.. The travel time, from the airport, to the center of Lloret de Mar. amounts by car about 1 hour and 10 minutes. From the Netherlands, this is flown by Vueling, Ryanair and KLM.

Tip: There are flight providers that sell airline tickets to Barcelona and land you at Girona airport. So take a good look, since these places are an hour's drive apart, to the IATA airport code (Girona (GRO) and Barcelona (BCN)) before you book a flight.

3.3 Giant Airport

Sometimes, especially in high season, it can be difficult to find a ticket to Lloret de Mar, let alone an inexpensive ticket. After all, the aforementioned airports provide tourists throughout the Costa Brava. In this case Reus Airport may offer a solution. Because price fighters such as Transavia and Ryan Air also fly on this, it is possible that you sometimes cheap flight ticket could find. However, keep in mind that this airport almost 2 hours drive (191km) from Lloret de Mar is located near Tarragona. The transfer time and costs will therefore be a bit more expensive.

4. Booking your airline tickets

You now know from and to which airports you can fly. So now it is time to book your flight tickets. However, as you have seen, the number of airports from which you can fly to Lloret de Mar is large, and the number of airlines is even greater. Of course you can take a look at the websites of all these airlines to score the best and cheapest airline tickets. Prices can differ considerably, but also the flight times and days.

If you do not want or have time to search all these airlines one by one, you can also use providers that find the best and cheapest flight for you based on your search criteria. Examples of this are: WorldTicketCenter and

Tip: If you have found your tickets at these parties, please check the website of the selected airline. In some cases they offer the same tickets just a little cheaper.

5. Transfer options to Lloret de Mar.

Transport - Lloret de Mar Villa

Once you have arrived at the airport of your choice, you are of course not immediately in Lloret de Mar. So it is important to think carefully how you continue your journey from the airport. An important first consideration is whether you need a car on location or whether you have enough public transport from your accommodation. From the airports, however, you have the following options:

5.1 Car

If you need a car in Lloret de Mar, there is the possibility to rent a car. This is then ready for you upon arrival at the airport. It is highly recommended to do this already book with a solid rental company before departure, and cannot be booked on the spot yet. This way you not only prevent the desired car from being available, but also prevent you from knowing exactly what the costs and conditions are!  Pay attention: in most cases, in order to rent a car you must be at least 21 years old, have had your driving license for at least one to two years and be in possession of a credit card in your own name for the deposit.

5.2 Bus

A bus trip is not really possible from Reus Airport. Besides the fact that you have to change several times, the entire journey by bus to Lloret de Mar takes 5 hours. From Girona and Barcelona, on the other hand, you can easily travel by bus to Lloret de Mar. A reliable provider for bus travel from the airport is Shuttle directly, you can also book a return ticket directly here. From Girona the costs are approximately € 12 per person and you will be in Lloret in about 35 minutes. From Barcelona the costs are approximately € 17 per person and you will be in Lloret de Mar in about an hour and a half.

5.3 Taxi

From the airport you can also choose to take a taxi to Lloret de Mar. In this case it is important to agree a fixed price with the taxi driver in advance. In terms of costs, you have to take into account approximately € 50 from Girona, € 135 from Barcelona and more than € 200 to € 300 from Reus. However, keep in mind that this is only a single ride to your destination, you also have to go back to the airport!

6 Relax traveling with small children

Fortunately, it doesn't take long to fly to Lloret de Mar, and the landing is often started again before your brood has recovered from the flying experience and all the impressions it has. However, if you are going to fly with children, there are some at most airlines important things to consider:

  • Flying with a baby is only allowed when you baby is> 6 weeks;
  • Take a good look in advance the guidelines are from the airline with regard to taking baby food. For example, you should not bring boiled water to mix with baby milk powder if it is> 100 ml, ready-made baby milk or only baby milk powder is allowed.
  • Children from 0 to 2 years old generally fly for freehowever, they must sit on your lap and do not have their own seat. You may also only bring how much luggage that applies to your ticket, with the exception of a folding buggy
  • Also take one extra cardigan or blanket for your child, the air conditioning on the plane can be quite cold.  
  • Due to the pressure in the plane, small children may be affected press on earphones, so make sure you have a candy, pacifier or a drink on hand.
  • Provide entertainment on the plane, play a game, bring drawing supplies or a reading book. Of course, an Ipad or Tablet is also a great solution!

The motto in this is therefore quite simple: If the children are having fun, then you are also having fun!

7. Don't forget your travel documents!

Good preparation is the key to success and also removes the first travel stress! So make sure you have everything in advance of your flight and transfers. The only thing that can throw a spanner in the works is your travel documents, or the lack thereof. For this reason, I have a little more to be sure all travel documents listed that you should not forget!

7.1 Passport / ID proof of the whole family

Check in time whether your passport / ID proof is still valid, it still needs to be done valid for at least 90 days from the moment you enter Spain! Note: Children and babies now also need to have their own passport or ID. If you do not have a valid identity document, you will be denied access to Spain. So make sure that you have arranged this in time, especially during the holiday period, obtaining a new passport or ID card can sometimes take several weeks from your municipality.  

7.2 Airline tickets

Once you receive your tickets, please check them carefully. Be assured that all personal data on the tickets, of all fellow travelers, are correctly stated! To be sure, also check the IATA code from the airport, so you know for sure that you should not unexpectedly be at another airport, or land. In addition, it is always useful to check how much hand baggage and airspace baggage you can take with you and whether there are restrictions regarding the size of your luggage. Finally, it is important to also check whether you can check in online before your flight, or even check in with some airlines.

7.3 Additional Travel Documentation

In all travel stress, don't forget to bring all your travel documents you need in Lloret de Mar itself. Think for example of the reservation confirmation of your accommodation, the car rental, pre-booked excursions and your travel and health insurance. If you have rented a car, do not forget about you Credit Card take. If you do not have a Credit Card, apply for one as soon as possible!

you can of course also to Lloret de Mar by car! Look for more information here.

Want to know what the best time to go to Lloret de Mar? Then look here!

Your perfect trip to Lloret de Mar is now ready to be booked! Now it is important that you too stay in Lloret de Mar. perfect! If you want to know everything about how your holiday in Lloret can be an unforgettable experience, take a look at “Top Holiday in Lloret de Mar 2020 / 2021- 21 Tips!”.

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