Nightlife on the Costa Brava: Best 4 places for the ultimate party holiday!

The beautiful seaside resorts on the Costa Brava are known for their pearly white beaches, countless activities, but especially for their vibrant nightlife. Large seaside resorts such as Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Platja d'Aro and Estartit are especially popular with partygoers and offer opportunities to party until the early hours. From large discotheques, chic clubs, party boats and beach parties to cozy bars and pubs, you can not imagine it so crazy or the Costa Brava has it! For a ultimate party holiday you simply have to be on the Costa Brava!

But where can you really? best nightlife on the Costa Brava? In this blog, I'm going to try to answer this pressing question so that you can enjoy the ultimate party holiday on the Costa Brava!

Book the right destination if you want to go out on the Costa Brava!

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Going out on the Costa Brava? Book your party holiday at a reliable party!

The Costa Brava, is known for her beautiful pearly white beaches, pleasant temperatures, endless activities and great nightlife! The dream of every holidaymaker who is looking for sun, sea, beach and adventure. However, one seaside resort is not the other and there are large differences between the many seaside resorts that the Costa Brava has. So you have seaside resorts that are mainly focused on family-friendly holidays with only a single disco or club, but also seaside resorts that offer the ultimate combination for both target groups: party and relax!

It is therefore important, before you book a holiday to the Costa Brava, to be well informed about what you can expect from your holiday destination. Do you really want in the midst of all the action and the festivities sit with your group of friends it would be a shame if you were in a family friendly holiday resort for example Tossa de Mar would end up. Of course you will be in party city Lloret de Mar in no time, but you are not really in the middle of the action and the festivities.

To make it easy, I have listed the best places to go out on the Costa Brava below, with all the ins & outs for the ultimate night out, listed for you! 

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1. Lloret de Mar

The beautiful skyline of Lloret de Mar.

At the top of the list "going out on the Costa Brava" is of course the most famous town of the Costa Brava "Lloret de Mar". With over 300 entertainment venues, this cosmopolitan nightlife city is the place to be on the Costa Brava when it comes to going out! With an unprecedented range of luxury beach clubs, cozy pubs, attractive casinos, affordable restaurants and the best clubs on the whole Costa Brava has Lloret de Mar everything you need for an unforgettable party holiday. In Lloret de Mar you can simply party 24/7 if you want. Every moment of the day there is somewhere in Lloret to find a place to let go.

This way you can start the day with a splashing pool party, a chic party on a boat or enjoy a cocktail and music in one of the many beach clubs or bars in the center. The real hustle and bustle in the nightlife starts in Lloret only after having enjoyed it a day at the beach, one of the many activities or visiting the beautiful see sights.

That Lloret de Mar is an unprecedented party seaside resort is also evident from the whopping 20 discotheques that counts the place, not to mention the many equally cozy bars, pubs and Beach bars! Whether you are a fan of Dance, Techno, Hardstyle, R&B, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Dutch, Top40, Lloret de Mar has it all!

Top 5 nightclubs in Lloret de Mar!

1. Disco Colossos

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Laser show
You can go out on the Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar!

This colossal nightclub is very popular among the Dutch and offers space no less than 2500 partygoers who can enjoy themselves in one of the three dance halls. Enjoy sultry R&B sounds, dance along to the biggest summer hits or let yourself be transported after Tropical atmospheres in the so-called Tropical Area with different types of music. Obviously this great disco knows on fun theme evenings like foam parties, a real Holland Party and there are also regular international DJs!

2. Millennium Party

This beautiful nightclub is located in the mountains of Lloret de Mar, about 20 minutes drive from the center. To keep the disco accessible to the general public, special party buses run from the center to take you to the destination! With room for no fewer than 3000 partygoers, 3 party zones, each with its own music style (from R&B to House) Millennium one of the largest discos in Catalonia. On the roof terrace you can also enjoy lounge music, a drink and a beautiful view over the mountains!

3. St. Trop

St. Trop is with three floors and a capacity of 2000 people one of the largest and most popular discotheques in Lloret de Mar. On the first floor you will find a large dance floor with different types of music. On the second floor you can relax and enjoy a drink in the beautifully decorated chill-out area. Finally, you will find it on the third floor the luxurious SKY champagne room. This club, unlike many other entertainment venues in Lloret de Mar, is open all year round.

4. Disco Tropics

Enjoy a wonderful night out on the Costa Brava with your friends!

Another very large nightclub in Lloret de Mar is Tropics. This phenomenon has been around since 1979 and can be done overnight no fewer than 2,750 people go wild in one of the four halls. Each room has a different atmosphere and music style! Weekly theme parties are also organized in Disco tropics and, in addition to the usual Top40 hits and Dance music, many well-known DJs perform.

5. Bumpers

Bumper's is a wonderful one exclusive nightclub in Lloret de Mar in a truly unique setting. So it has one tropical garden where you can chill and a dance floor where fish swim under. During an evening at Bumper's you can enjoy many different kinds of music styles: House, Dirty House, Trance, party music, Top 40, R&B and much more. Every night has a different music style, but the summer months also come the best European DJs often to Bumper's.

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2. Blanes

Going out on the Costa Brava after a wonderful day at the beach!

Although Blanes is a lot smaller than Lloret de Mar, you can also great nightlife in lively Blanes! Blanes has numerous restaurants, nice bars and 3 beautiful nightclubs. However, you must know where exactly in Blanes you need to be. Blanes, for example, has an old and a new district. In the old town you will find a variety of historical sites and traditional bars and restaurants. For an evening of relaxing in one of the pubs and nightclubs you have to go the “new” district of Blanes to be.

However, keep in mind that, despite the fact that Blanes has a pleasant nightlife, many eReal partygoers prefer to go to the neighboring Lloret de Mar. to pull! In high season, buses leave from and to that transport partygoers after Lloret de Mar! However, if you want a night out in Blanes itself, visit one of the top nightclubs below!

Top 3 nightclubs in Blanes!

1. Arena nightclub

Arena disco has a capacity of about 1600 people and is therefore One of the largest and most popular nightclubs in Blanes. Nightclub Arena has 2 halls where you can enjoy the contemporary hits in the main hall, experience a spectacular theme evening or enjoy a spectacular performance by international DJs. The small hall is a mecca for Urban enthusiasts and completely decorated in a kind of “Pirates of the Caribbean style“. So there is something for everyone at the Arena disco!

2. Disco Sala Vega

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Laser show
Going out on the Costa Brava: Blanes!

Sala Vega is a recently renovated disco, with a modern look and feel great light & sound system. In the busy summer months go here no less than 1200 people completely loose on today's beats. Of course there will also be guest performances this summer by respected international DJs and there will be fun theme parties. This beautiful disco is very popular among Dutch partygoers!

3. Club Essencia

Club Essencia is one exclusive and luxurious nightclub in the center of Blanes. Which means there is a minimum age of 18+ and on some evenings access is only granted to people on the special guest list. This beautiful club exudes luxury and flair and the spectacular light shows complete the club. In Essencia Dance and Urban are the most played styles, but of course you are also regularly spoiled with this performances by the best national and international DJs in the world!  

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3. Platja d'Aro

going out on the Costa Brava

After Lloret de Mar and Blanes is Platja d'Aro one of the most popular nightlife resorts on the Costa Brava. This small picturesque town has no fewer than 40 bars, pubs and party cafés. However, these can seem somewhat corny after taste. The nicest and most popular bar among Dutch people is the Buba! Platja d'Aro also knows 3 large discotheques that guarantee an unforgettable night out! You certainly don't have to leave Platja d'aro to have a nice evening. Do you want a little more ...Lloret de Mar is only half an hour away by car, bus or taxi from Platja d'Aro!

Top 3 nightclubs in Platja d'Aro!

1. Pacha

Pacha, family of the famous and eponymous nightclub Pacha on Ibiza, is the largest and most famous nightclub in Platja d'aro. Pacha Platja d'aro is certainly not inferior to Pacha Ibiza and is therefore recommended if you want to go out for an evening in Platja d'aro. Like most nightclubs it is also listed Dance music and performances by international DJs at Patcha central. However, what makes it really special is the great ambiance. However, take into account relatively expensive entrance fees!  

Going out on the Costa Brava: Platja d'Aro!

2. Maddox

Maddox can accommodate about 1000 people and with that one of the largest discotheques in Platja d'Aro. The nice thing about Maddox, however, is that you can combine it with a visit to the adjacent beach bar where you have a beautiful view over the beach and the sea enjoy. With mainly House and trance music, the Maddox is popular with both Spaniards and tourists of all nationalities.

3. Assac Disco

The last major disco in Platja d'Aro is the Assac Disco. This disco is located 50 meters from the bar of the same name. If you visit the Assac Bar, you also get free entrance to the Assac Disco, and vice versa! As in most discotheques on the Costa Brava, Dance is also the most played music style here. Do you want a fun and affordable night out then Assac Disco is the best place to spend a night in Platja d'Aro.

4. Estartit

The nightlife in Estartit cannot be compared to the cosmopolitan nightlife city of Lloret de Mar. However, if you book a holiday with your friends to Estartit, there are certainly nice places to visit an evening to relax. In addition to numerous cozy cafes, Estartit also has 2 large discotheques where it is always pleasantly busy! The action in Estartit mainly takes place on the so-called “English square”. However, as the name suggests, the target group in this picturesque seaside resort exists for the majority of partying English!

Top 2 nightclubs in Estartit

1. Maxims disco

Maxims discotheque is a large discotheque spread over three different floors and a beautiful outdoor garden. You can enjoy a different music genre on every floor! So you can enjoy sultry urban music, stamp on the coolest hardhouse beats, but also enjoy the best summer hits! Maxims is very popular with Dutch holidaymakers so if you want to escape the English cosiness for a while, this is a perfect option!

2. Discotheque Stage

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Foam party
Going out on the Costa Brava: Estartit!

Discotheque Podium is a cozy yet very lavish nightclub where mainly English people approach. You can enjoy the best here modern music but also go wild on the music of respected international DJs. Fun theme parties are also regularly organized here!


In terms of supply in the entertainment segment, you can actually say that Lloret de mar is truly second to none when it comes to nightlife is! No place on the Costa Brava has as many possibilities as Lloret de Mar! So if you really want to experience the ultimate party holiday then Lloret de Mar, without a doubt “the place-to-be”!

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