Best Water Activities in Lloret de Mar: Top 20!

Water activities in Lloret de Mar - jet skiing and flyboarding

Are you a real water rat, and the idea of an azure sea makes you completely happy, then Lloret de Mar is the ultimate holiday destination for you! Lloret de Mar is located on the sunny, warm and clean Mediterranean Sea and enjoys endless fun water activities! Whether you want to go swimming, snorkeling, to dive, water skiing, kite surfing, fishingwakeboarding jet skiing or an catamaran, boat , rent a boat, or sailing trip you can do it all in Lloret and even more! The possibilities in terms of water activities in Lloret de Mar are therefore unprecedented!

In this blog I will give you a look at the best water activities in Lloret de Mar! That way, you can be sure that you are on your way holiday in Lloret de Mar. experience all activities on the water. After all, nothing is more sour than hearing on your last day or when you come home that you missed some great water activities in Lloret de Mar that you definitely wouldn't want to miss! So make your holiday complete and find the below Top 20 best water activities in Lloret de Mar!

20 Best Water Activities in Lloret de Mar

Thanks to its beautiful location on the breathtaking coast of the Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar is the perfect destination for sun, sea and beach lovers. With pearly white beaches, an azure blue sea and a beautiful underwater world, Lloret de Mar has everything for a wonderful day on, in or by the water. Count the delicious ones there too Mediterranean seaclimate, with mild winters and sultry summers, and the dream picture is complete. But what for water activities in Lloret de Mar. you can actually find all of them: 

1. Swimming in the Sea

Swimming in the sea is of course one of the most important water activities in Lloret de Mar. Lloret is therefore called no less than 8 beautiful sandy beaches you can choose from, from large tourist beaches with all imaginable facilities to small hidden bays. One beach enjoys a lovely long walk into the sea, while the other is ideal for snorkeling. One is packed with facilities while the other offers the ultimate in peace and nature. However, you can enjoy at all the beaches in Lloret a wonderful refreshing dip in the sea!

If you want to know more about the beaches of Lloret de Mar and which best suits your needs, take a look at: 8 Beaches not to be missed in Lloret.

2. Snorkeling

With no less than 9 km of coastline, heavenly beaches and a clear sea, Lloret de Mar offers the perfect conditions to snorkeling. The numerous bays and rocky sea beds are rich in lush underwater flora and fauna that you can observe. You can also participate in Lloret de Mar. fun snorkeling excursions where you sail by boat to idyllic spots on the water and with the help of a guide you can explore the underwater world from the water surface.

3. Diving

Diving is also one of the wonderful water activities in Lloret de Mar. In addition to a pleasant water temperature (about 24 ° in summer), you will find around the city a dozen beautiful dive sites with a lush flora and fauna full of fish, caves and bays. Whether you are a novice or experienced diver, the underwater treasures of Lloret will certainly amaze you!

Water activities in Lloret de Mar - diving
Diving, one of the most beautiful water activities in Lloret de Mar

Of course, this also applies to you various fun diving excursions , get on a boat and sail under the guidance of professional divers to the most beautiful places in and around Lloret de Mar. Especially around the Medes Islands, off the coast of l'Estartit, it is a paradise for divers. This beautiful natural park, formed by seven islands, enjoys one of the most beautiful and richest sea beds on the Costa Brava.

4. Sailing Adventure on a Catamaran

In addition to fun diving and snorkeling excursions, there are many other fun excursions on the water in Lloret de Mar. A wonderful example of this a sailing excursion on a catamaran, exploring the Costa Brava by boat. Take a seat in the large nets of the Catamaran and feel how this catamaran strides smoothly over the water. Sail by the beautiful landscape of the Costa Brava, full of cliffs, caves and secluded beaches. Along the way you will moor at various coastal towns and you can enjoy a refreshing swim when the Catamaran is anchored! Of course it is recommended to bring a snorkel!

5. Boat trip with glass bottom

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - boat trip

Are you a lover of the sea, but is not snorkelling or diving really for you? Or do you just want to see everything from the sea bottom and not just a small area where you snorkel or dive? Then one trip on a glass bottom boat the perfect water activity for you! You can book such a boat trip from various locations in Lloret de Mar! While the boat is sailing a beautiful route along the Costa Brava, you can see the underwater world during the entire trip! If you still want to go into the water, no problem! This boat also moors at various picturesque spots along the way for a refreshing dip in the water!

6. Water taxi

With a "water taxi" you can travel from Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar and Blanes for a day on the water. Just like one Hop-on Hop-off bus decide where and when you get in and out! So you can visit the Blue Flag beaches in Blanes or pay a visit to hhe medieval castle and the walled city center of Tossa de Mar.!

7. Party boat

Lloret de Mar wouldn't be Lloret de Mar if it wasn't also a special one Party boat would be! And as the name says, this boat guarantees a party at sea. As soon as the boat leaves the harbor, the DJ literally shakes the boat! Be on board there various fun water activities and games undertaken, and anchor at the most beautiful spots for a dip in the water! Moreover, it is also food and drinks included in the trip, that's a real party! For the real party lovers this is one of the best water activities in Lloret de Mar!

8. Eco-Safari

Located on the main beach of Lloret de Mar, Lloret Water Extreme organizes daily boat trips with the aim of seeing dolphins, other beautiful marine mammals, but also to observe birds and exotic fish. Since marine mammals live in freedom, spotting dolphins cannot be guaranteed. But even if you don't see them, it is this trip is wonderful to experience!

9. Sea kayaking

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Sea kayaking

One of the most impressive water activities in Lloret de Mar is sea kayaking. Under the guidance of a professional, who knows both the area and the water like the back of your hand, you make a trip by kayak past secret coves and impressive cliffs. Admire the rugged rock formations from the water and sail along the beautiful canals of Es Bot and S'Agulla. During this tour you also bring fantastic beaches, Sa Boadella, Santa Cristina and Treumal and discover from the water the most beautiful places on the Costa Brava, where you would normally never come!

10. Parasailing

Parasailing is a great combination of an air and water activity. During parasailing you are attached to a kind of large kite and pulled into the air from a platform by a boat. You rise here up to a height of no less than 150 meters making it look like you're flying over the sea! Parasailing is one of the water activities in Lloret de Mar that you will never forget! You can find more information about parasailing here: Parasailing in Lloret de Mar!

11. Jet skiing

Jet skiing is a cherished dream for many! Ride across the water at high speed and feel the power of the waves beneath you! It is therefore no surprise that this great activity can be practiced on several beaches of Lloret de Mar. In Lloret de Mar you can even choose from 2 options for jet skiing! So you can get over racing a marked speed circuit but also jet skiing as an excursion where you also discover the beautiful surroundings.

12. Paddle boarding

At the beach of Lloret de Mar it is also possible to go SUP (Stand Up Paddling). Here you go stand on a surfboard and with the help of paddles you row yourself through the water! The goal is of course to stand and enjoy the peace of the sea!

13. Water skiing & Wake boarding

On the beach at Fenals, near Watersports Lloret, being able both novice and experienced water skiers & wake boarders lost their egg. Because dhe Fenals bay open to sea breeze, the water here is not always calm and calm and there can sometimes be a fair sea breeze. So if you want to take advantage of the best conditions for waterskiing and wake-boarding, then it is recommended to enjoy this water activity in the 'early' mornings!

14. Pedalos

This family-friendly activity is still on the beaches one of the most done water activities in Lloret de Mar.. It is therefore possible to pedal boat on almost every “large” beach in Lloret de Mar! Relaxed cycling through the water, enjoying the sun and if you are slightly off the coast you can float. Also nice are the pedal boats with slide! This way you can slide into the refreshing water of the sea from your bike! This remains, for young and old, one of the best water activities in Lloret de Mar!

15. The ski bus or banana boat

One of the most famous water activities in Lloret de Mar is of course the banana boat, also known as the ski bus. Get on it with a group of friends or family large banana-shaped air cushion and let yourself be pulled through the water at high speed until someone falls off! A holiday on the banana boat should not be missed during a holiday in Lloret de Mar!

16. The Slyder

The Slyder is one of the best water activities in Lloret de Mar to do with friends! That is, if you like tension, speed and thrills. Together with your friends you sit on your stomach on the large flat air cushion, with nothing to hold on to but a few levers. As soon as the speedboat opens the throttle, it is your job not to fall off while you literally slide over the water and the boat takes a sharp turn.

17. The Flyfish

Is on the beach one of the most impressive and exciting water activities in Lloret de Mar. a trip on the so-called “Flyfish” At high speed you will race through the water like a flying fish through the wind force and the waves and test your limits to the maximum. Which of your friends can best keep his balance and knows how to brave the flying fish?!

18. The Crazy Ufo

This spectacular water attraction, on the beach of Playa de Lloret and Fenals, is an experience for young and old. Take a seat on the UFO-shaped air cushion with your friends or family. Sink back into the pillows while the speedboat takes you through the water at great speed pulls! This is one of those water activities in Lloret de Mar that you must have experienced!

19. Waterworld

Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Kamikaces
Water activities in Lloret de Mar - Waterpark Waterworld

Are you not a fan of the sea but you love water? Or if you just want something different than the salt water of the sea, Waterworld in Lloret de Mar offers a solution. By as much 20 spectacular attractions this water park can truly be called one of the most spectacular water activities in Lloret de Mar! Go at high speed from the slides or in a dinghy of the white water courses. Children will also enjoy themselves at one of the specially designed water playgrounds! A day at Waterworld guarantees a wonderful day full of water fun!

20. Private Swimming Pool

For the real water lover, a private pool not to be missed during the ultimate holiday in Lloret de Mar! There are therefore many in Lloret de Mar. luxurious and affordable holiday villas with private pool to find! Enjoy the space, peace and luxury and jump into the refreshing water whenever you want! In your own villa or holiday home there is never a shortage of wonderful water activities in Lloret de Mar! Read before you rent a holiday villa our Tips for a Top Holiday in Lloret de Mar!

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